Adventures along Lake Erie

Lake Erie - Maumee Bay State Park

On Friday I started thinking about a day road trip, in honesty I’m always thinking about that. On this trip I wanted to drive along the water, be in multiple great places and explore places I usually have just passed through. It came to me, a Lake Erie road trip! So on Sunday I set out on I-75 south into Ohio until I reached HW-2 east. HW-2 is used by a lot of Michiganders to reach Cedar Point, but I had much loftier eastward driving goals.
HW-6 east sign in Sandusky, Ohio

I drove alongside Lake Erie on HW-2 and then HW-6 passing, stopping at several parks, beaches and small towns between Toledo and Cleveland, including seeing Cedar Point off in the distance in Sandusky. A favorite stop was Maumee Bay State Park just east of Toledo. The shot of the pirate flag on a mini-pier above is from there. Check out my Ohio – Along Lake Erie photos.

Along part of my journey to Cleveland I followed Ohio’s Lake Erie Circle Tour. Just pick up the signs anywhere along the lakefront and they will lead you to some scenic spots. Checkout the Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Trail guide for info on museums, beaches, parks, waterfalls, lighthouses, you name it you can probably see it on the route.

Downtown Cleveland from Edgewater Park

Cleveland Rocks! I kept saying that out loud definitely having the “The Drew Carey Show” in my head. Photo running and walking around Cleveland Browns Stadium, Edgewater Park, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Voinovich Park and piers I took advantage of everything the Cleveland waterfront has to offer. I really should keep track of how many different parks I run in.
Downtown Erie from Bi Centinneal Tower

While I was having a blast relaxing in Cleveland I said to myself, “Let’s keep going!” My day road trip passion lead me on to eastbound I-90 through the rest of Ohio into Pennsylvania and even into New York. I was in New York along enough to take a picture of the Welcome to sign. My Pennsylvania travels lead me to Erie, a city along the lake with a small-town atmosphere. There I worked in a Starbucks for a couple of hours, went up Bi Centennial Tower to get a look at the area and hung out in various marinas and piers. Check out my time in Erie, Pennsylvania. I should probably count the Starbucks I’ve been in too this year. Wait I can! I’ll just check my Foursquare feed. Score! Using Foursquare when traveling will be the topic of an upcoming post.

I stopped along the water in Cleveland again on the way back to get some night shots. Check out my day and night Cleveland reel.

After another day with lots of miles on the road, empty food wrappers, Starbucks stops and photo opportunities, I would say taking a trip along Lake Erie is definitely worth it. I’ve got to checkout the northern Lake Erie route through Ontario sometime soon!

2 responses to “Adventures along Lake Erie

  1. artofjohnfrench

    I really enjoy going to Cleveland! My favorite is Cheesecake from Presti’s in Little Italy and a walk around Lake view Cemetery.

    • Heard there are great views of the skyline from Lake View Cemetery. Drove through Little Italy on the way back into the city from Cleveland Heights last year, didn’t stop though. Will have to check out the cheesecake sometime. ๐Ÿ™‚

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