A Day in The City of Bridges.

The leaves and their beautiful colors, unusually warm and sunny, looking to see water of course and hills, I though where should I go. It was obvious, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Early Sunday morning I took off and drove into Pittsburgh from the west side along I-376. I never had the feeling that I was entering a major urban area because of all the trees, mountains and hills, passing by one town after another. I went through the Squirrel Hill Tunnel, one of many around the city, for about a mile and walla the city was right in front of me and I could see a million bridges, boats, tall buildings and hills off in the distance. An outdoor and city photographers dream.
Pittsburgh - Sixth Street Bridge

The City of Bridges definitely fits. It’s seems every street has its own bridge that crosses one of the three rivers (Allegheny and Monongahela forming the Ohio) to the other parts of the city and area. I cruised up and down the downtown city streets first. It’s definitely a place you can get tangled up in driving if you don’t know where you are going, but I found my way to The North Shore on the north side of town. It’s the perfect place to get river, boat, bridge, city skyline, hills, parks and stadium pictures which I definitely took advantage of.

I walked by and around both Heinz Field and PNC Park and the surrounding restaurants, greenery and statues of heroes past. I stopped into Jerome Bettis 36 Grille and got reminded of the passion everyone here has for their sports teams. More on that in moment. I also took a moment to walk on the Sixth Street bridge.

Having heard about Primanti Brothers and their famous sandwiches I had to check them out as well for eats, so it was off to the Strip District right outside downtown. I had the corned beef and cheese. What makes their sandwiches unique is that every one of them comes with coleslaw and fries. Not on the side, but right in the sandwich. It was amazing. A must stop again in the future.
Pittsburgh - Strip District markets

Staying in the Strip District I checked out the outdoor shops and markets and even picked up an assortment of fruits and vegetables. If you look straight down the one-way Smallman St. you can see the main part of the Pittsburgh skyline. The passion for their sports teams really came out here. It was amazing that no matter where I went today bars, shops, food markets, the Steelers football game was on loudly. Even if you didn’t see a screen, you could hear the game coming from somewhere. It brought back great memories of the Steelers-Browns games my dad and I attended when I was younger.
Pittsburgh area from Duquesne Incline

It was time to head for the hills and get some picturesque views of the city, rivers, bridges and surrounding area. I could think of no other place then the Duquesne Incline. You go up in a cable car up the hill to the top. I could have chosen to drive but where is the fun in that. I took photos from almost every conceivable angle and just stood there leaning against the guard rail absorbing everything I could see.
Pittsburgh - Schenley Plaza

I definitely wanted to check out the university scene, so I went to the University of Pittsburgh and the famous Carnegie Mellon University. The streets were packed with students, tourists and locals, Fall photo shots available everywhere and coffee shops galore. I stopped at a Starbucks (it was only a matter of time right) in the middle of all the action on S. Craig St. and proceeded to Schenley Plaza to take in the atmosphere and relax.

Lot’s of people were there hanging out, studying and napping. It sits right in between the universities right alongside the Carnegie Mellon Museum of Art and Library. What a great way to end a great day. Checkout my photos from my time here.

Pittsburgh is also still known as The Steel City of course, but the modernization of Pittsburgh is definitely a blue print to follow and at the same time they are still showing off and appreciating their past. In fact I just read today that Pittsburgh was named the #1 city in the United States to move to by CNBC. Whether it’s the rivers, sports, mountains, eats or shopping your into Pittsburgh definitely has something for everyone. I will be back soon, there is so much more to explore.

2 responses to “A Day in The City of Bridges.

  1. I love that you made it to Primanti Bros. and the Strip District. French Fries on the sandwich!! I miss my visits to Pittsburgh. There’s a great spot in the Strip District where my friend and I used to find fresh pasta and if you can believe it chocolate balsamic vinegar (I didn’t eat them together). Thanks for taking me on the road trip via your post. Sounds like a great day.

    • The Primanti Bros. sandwich was a highlight of my visit. Some great vegetable/fruit markets in the Strip District. There looked like a great Asian food store I should have gone into. Wow. Will have to find the pasta and chocolate balsamic vinegar the next time I’m there. Will let you know. Glad you loved the post. Any other restaurants or hot spots that you would recommend?

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