The Christchurch Botanical Gardens

Christchurch Botanical Gardens entrance

In January and early February when I was in Christchurch I spent time almost every day in the Christchurch Botanical Gardens to take photos, get some running in and to just relax and take in the view. I’ve heard the devastating earthquake on February 22nd did some damage to the buildings and statues, some trees were knocked over and there are cracks in the ground. Hopefully the gardens, Christchurch and the Canterbury region of New Zealand will continue to attract people from all over the world. It’s such a beautiful place with such great people.
Christchurch Botanical Gardens

The 75-acre gardens are bordered by Hagley Park on the north and south with the Avon River flowing right through. Both just adding to the relaxing atmosphere. Going through on the many paths you’ll see a rock, water, azalea and magnolia and herb garden among others, not to mention a Peacock Fountain, a Bonsai House and a nursery. The New Zealand Gardens contains a collection of native trees and plants, some of which I remember seeing during my travels around the country. What caught my eye though and where I wound up spending a lot of time was the Rose Garden.

The Rose Garden - Christchurch Botanical Gardens

There is the saying, “Take time to smell the roses.” I did just that sitting on one of the benches around the inside perimeter of the circle shaped rose garden. I was just taking in the more than 250 different species of roses. The panoramic shot above of the rose garden is one of my favorite photos. You can get great views from the Cuningham House Conservatory balcony. The Cuningham House Conservatory is home to tropical plants, a cactus house, orchids and more.

Checkout some more of my photos from my time in the Christchurch Botanical Gardens. After spending a lot of time here I’m interested in checking out other gardens in New Zealand and everywhere else. Any suggestions?

8 responses to “The Christchurch Botanical Gardens

  1. Great post. Love the insider tips.

    • Thank you! Could just lay on the grass all day there relaxing and observing the scenery. Lots of people doing that and having picnics too.

  2. Nice one! I am a big fan of Hagley Park and the Botanical Gardens. Lovely for going for a walk or run, or a picnic!

    • Thanks! Spent time going between the two especially on the north side around Victoria Lake. Love the wide open spaces of Hagley Park, lot’s of runners around. Lot’s of great places to have a picnic and just relax too.

  3. Hey Aaron,

    I just got back from Chch and by the time I left a great part of the Botanical Garden was open fir visits, it is worth going there. My latest post also has some more info on how things are in Chch at the moment.



    • Hey Anna, great update. I left Christchurch a week before the earthquake. It’s hard to believe many of the places I was at are gone. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I will have to check out some of the coffee houses you mentioned next time. I hung out at Coffee Culture a lot and the one at The Arts Centre which is gone. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      The Botanical Gardens and Hagley Park was where I spent a lot of my time. So beautiful. I imagine a lot of people have been going to them to get away. Such great people and strong like you said, Christchurch will be better than ever in the years ahead.


  4. I’m a Christchurch local – the Gardens are up and running again, although I think some of the greenhouses are still closed. Autumn is a particularly beautiful time to visit too.

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