What is it about palm trees?

What is it about palm trees? They are so relaxing to many. They are associated with tropical weather, the sun, the beach and sand, the ocean, desert and fruity drinks with umbrellas in them, all wonderful things.

Auckland, New Zealand Palm Trees

Palm trees in Auckland, New Zealand.

To those like me who are not living in a tropical or warm temperate climate, vacation is a word that also comes to mind. When a vacationer travels to a place that has them, at least one picture is definitely in order. A photo with a sunset, at least one palm tree and the beach and ocean… still working on that one.

Haven’t you dreamed about drinking tropical drinks and napping on a hammock suspended by two palm trees? Sometimes in colder climates a nursery will place palm trees along the road in the summer or an individual will plant one in their front yard for a few months. I imagine lots of people are driving by these places over and over again, I know I would.

Santa Monica Pier, California Palm Trees

Right off Santa Monica Pier in California.

In travels recently to New Zealand, Australia, southern California and Florida I have definitely seen my fair share of palm trees. Those places along with every other warm region, country and part of the world has their own unique type of palm trees or Arecaceae as they are formally known as, as there are over 2,500 species. While in Florida I documented some of the kinds that caught my eye some native, some imported. The beach and ocean were always on my mind, sometimes thinking about tropical drinks. ๐Ÿ™‚

Chinese fan palm tree in Florida. Pineapple palm tree in Florida.
Chinese fan and pineapple palm trees in Florida.
 Royal Palm Tree in Florida. Bismarck Palm Tree in Florida.
Royal Palm and Bismarck palm trees in Florida.

To get a complete listing of palm tree types in Florida and some good general information on palm trees checkout Florida-palm-trees.com.

My travels will bring me face-to-face with palm trees again soon. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough that a coconut will fall from one right in front of me (not knocking me on the head hopefully). What do you associate palm trees with? Where is your favorite place to see palm trees (tropical destination) and what’s your favorite kind there?

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