Auckland: Scenic skyline views all around.

You’re around a big city. You’ve got an amazing skyline photo opportunity right in front of you. Where your taking the picture from is also a travel spot in and of itself. It doesn’t get any better than that! Auckland, the biggest city in New Zealand, provides plenty of these scenic opportunities.

Great close up shots of the skyline can be had from Princes Wharf right on the Auckland waterfront. The wharf contains a mixer of restaurants, offices, apartments and serves as a cruise ship terminal. Right alongside (to the left) is the Auckland Ferry Terminal where you will see lots of ferries and tourists coming and going.

Auckland, New Zealand syline - from Princes Wharf

Catch a view of the Auckland skyline from Mt. Eden, one of the many dormant craters and volcanoes located around the city. The picture above in the header of the blog is a zoomed in shot from there.

Auckland, New Zealand skyline - from Mt. Eden

Auckland, New Zealand skyline - from Mt. Eden

Take a drive on Tamaki Drive along the shoreline just east of town and you can get great city shots opposite Okahu Bay having the marina as a backdrop. This shot is right across the street from Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World (the Auckland Aquarium), a must stop even to just see the penguins.

Auckland, New Zealand skyline - from Okahu Bay, by the aquarium

Any shot that includes at least the Sky Tower should count as a skyline shot, this one being taken from the west on Victoria St. right by the Victoria Park Market.

Auckland, New Zealand Sky Tower

Capture views heading out or coming into the city on the Auckland Harbour Bridge on State Highway 1. The bridge opened in 1959 and connects the city with the North Shore and northern suburbia. The bridge goes over Waitemata Harbour. Of note is you can’t bike, walk or run on the bridge, but you can bungeeย jump and bridge climb.

Auckland, New Zealand skyline - from the Auckland Harbour Bridge traveling northbound

Auckland, New Zealand skyline - from the Auckland Harbour Bridge traveling northbound

North of the bridge, you can navigate to the southern end of the Devonport Peninsula into the town of Devonport. It’s along the Waitemata Harbour opposite downtown Auckland. It’s the heart of the North Shore. Devonport contains a lot of shops and dining opportunities with great small town scenery. Head towards the Ferry Terminal in town for the closest views of the city. You can relax and take in the great town, the city views and more on the lawns of the nearby Windsor Reserve.

Auckland, New Zealand skyline - from Devonport, North Shore

Auckland, New Zealand skyline - from Devonport, North Shore

Further north you can see the skyline easily on a good day from the Whangaparaoa Peninsula, which is 25 km north of the city. This shot is taken from Shakespear Regional Park at the end of the peninsula. Hauraki Gulf separates you from the skyline. Lot’s of scenic countryside greenery and you will probably run into newborn lambs and peacocks in the area.

Auckland, New Zealand skyline - from Whangaparaoa Peninsula

The Auckland skyline is one of my favorites to photograph because of the water and topography and the fact that you can capture scenic views from everywhere. I’ll be on the lookout next time I’m there for skyline photo opportunities or in any other big city for that matter. What other vantage points would you recommend capturing the Auckland skyline from? What is your favorite city to take skyline shots of?

6 responses to “Auckland: Scenic skyline views all around.

  1. You’re right, Auckland’s skyline is beautiful. I loved the views from the Sky Tower. My favourite skyline to photograph is Vancouver – lovely with the mountains in the backdrop!

    • The views from up top the Sky Tower are great. Loved looking at the rest of the skyline and out towards the Harbour bridge and North Shore and beyond. All the pictures I’ve seen of Vancouver are amazing, with the backdrops making them even better. Remember seeing a lot of good shots on TV during the Olympics. Still on my must visit list!

  2. I love all the angles of the city from your pix! I liked Auckland (but certainly preferred the smaller cities in the south Island!)

    • Thanks! Auckland is a great city. I do agree though, driving around the South Island and hanging out in small towns and seeing all the scenery in-between them, can’t beat that! Wanaka favorite.

  3. Wanna head back to Auckland when I see your Pictures. Spend four month there and it was just awesome. Just love this city .. awesome skyline and some really amazing viewing spots like Mt Eden or Mt Victora in Devonport!

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