The Sheep of New Zealand. Awwwwwwe.

When talking about New Zealand one of the things people think of first is sheep. When on the road there I always make it a point to stop and snap a photo of them when given the chance.

Sheep - New Zealand

The chances of seeing sheep are great as they outnumber the people living in New Zealand. It’s currently around a 10 to 1 ratio.

Sheep - New Zealand

Sheep - New Zealand

Sheep - New Zealand

When taking a photo it’s just not the sheep, but the greenery around them and the magnificant backdrops. This one has the Firth of Thames and Coromandel Peninsula in the background. You capture several elements of what makes New Zealand what it is in one shot!

Sheep - New Zealand

They are so cute. You just have to say “Awwwwwwe.” when one looks at you. They are very photo friendly. You feel like running up and giving one a big hug. Checkout the sheep that reside in Shakespear Regional Park just north of Auckland.

Sheep - New Zealand

Sheep - New Zealand

I’ve unfortunately never had the experience of being stuck on the road at a sheep crossing. Where have you? What kinds of animals, in your travels, make you stop and grab a photo?

4 responses to “The Sheep of New Zealand. Awwwwwwe.

  1. The sheep in NZ were my favorite! I was there in the Spring and there were a ton of newborns. However, I never got to stop and take a picture of them because I was traveling with my Irish cousin. She just laughed every time I wanted to take a picture or commented about the sheep, since she had grown up with them. So, for now I’ll just enjoy your pictures instead. 🙂

    • Thanks. 🙂 I was always on the lookout for sheep photo opps. Hope you have a chance to get there again soon so you can get up close to them and get some photos too.

  2. Yeah, the sheep in New Zealand were pretty awesome. I even went to the sheepfestival in Te Kuiti. It was so funny! Check it out:

    • I actually remember reading your post. 🙂 Would love to see the Running of the Sheep. In general can’t enough of seeing them when doing road trips there!

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