Auckland: Up-top Sky Tower

I recently did a post on views inward towards the Auckland skyline from scenic vantage points. Why not do the opposite? How does Auckland and the region look outward from the main vantage point in the CBD, up-top the Sky Tower.

The Sky Tower is an observation tower and is the tallest free-standing structure in the Southern Hemisphere at 328 meters. Up-top there is a cafe and two restaurants, one revolving. At the top you can head outside and SkyJump or SkyWalk along the perimeter. I stayed inside stationing myself on the main observatory floor at 186 meters off the ground.

Auckland Sky Tower

The flooring contains thick panels of glass so you can see straight down to the ground.

View up-top Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand - looking straight down

Facing north and northeast you can get shots of the Auckland skyline. Devonport and the North Shore are on the other side of Waitemata Harbour and Rangitoto Island is off in the distance.

View up-top Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand - skyline

View up-top Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand - skyline, Ngataringa and Shoal Bay

Looking out more to the north you can see Ngataringa and Shoal Bay off in the distance. In the foreground on the CBD side is Freemans Bay and Princes Wharf where all the cruise ships and ferries take off from.

View up-top Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand - skyline

Just off to the west is Victoria Park one of the more popular parks in the city. It’s home to festivals and special events throughout the year. You will find lot’s of people relaxing, business people eating lunch and with the wide open spaces, sports matches breaking out. Checkout Victoria Park Market an arts & crafts market and entertainment venue across the street. New restaurants, cafes and shops are being added as we speak.

View up-top Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand - Victoria Park

Looking past Victoria Park to the north and west, you’ll see the Auckland Northern Motorway (State Highway 1). It’s New Zealand’s busiest highway, connecting the region from north to south.

View up-top Sky Tower in Auckland - North Motorway (New Zealand State Highway 1)

Taking the motorway north out of the CBD will put you on the Auckland Harbour Bridge, taking you to the North Shore and beyond. St. Mary’s Bay and Westhaven Marina, one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, are in the foreground. You can get great looks at the marina from the bridge.

View up-top Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand - Auckland Harbour Bridge

Off to south you see lot’s of residential neighborhoods. Auckland is the biggest city and region in New Zealand, containing about a third of the country’s population.

View up-top Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand

Looking out towards the Southeast, the Auckland War Memorial Museum dominates the landscape. It sits on one of the many dormant volcanoes in the city and is a place to go for history on Auckland and New Zealand.

View up-top Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand - Auckland War Memorial Museum

More great times up-top getting amazing views of a big city and region. A definite must stop when in Auckland. What kinds of things do you like to focus in on when taking pictures up-top a skyscraper?

View up-top Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand

4 responses to “Auckland: Up-top Sky Tower

  1. Wow what a view! Reminds me of Seattles Space Needle. Looking forward to seeing this next month! Yeeeeeee! Great pics.

    • Thanks! Love seeing the crystal blue water and all the greenery in the area as well as the hills and mountains off in the distance. You’ll love it up there. Haven’t been up the Space Needle yet. It’s definitely on my list.

  2. Fantastic views!! I’d love to visit the place – got quite the thing for towers…

    • Me too! Always gotta go up the tallest building whatever city I’m in. This is one of my favs. Time in JHO in your town, not Willis/Sears yet amazingly enough. ๐Ÿ™‚

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