Lake Hawea in New Zealand.

Lake Hawea, just northeast of Wanaka in the Otago region of New Zealand is a glacial lake, with deep blue, crystal waters and mountains all around serving as a backdrop. It lies in a glacial valley.

Lake Hawea - New Zealand

Driving along the western shores of the lake on State Highway 6 you’ll come across the “Lake Hawea, Lookout!” sign. The perfect place to checkout the lake, relax and just soak in the views. It’s one of the most spectacular lake settings I’ve ever seen. You’ll find many people stopping there driving between the West Coast and Wanaka and out with their cameras.

Lake Hawea Lookout - New Zealand

There are fishing, boating, swimming and other outdoor options available. Snow capped mountain peaks and skiing await in the winter months.

Nearby Lake Wanaka which runs in parallel to Lake Hawea is also in a glacial valley and they are separated at their narrowest point by a rocky ridge known as “The Neck”.

Lake Hawea - New Zealand

Hawea, a small resort town, is on the southern end of the lake. It draws many tourists looking for a quieter scene then nearby Lake Wanaka or Wakatipu (Queenstown).

Lake Hawea - New Zealand

A panoramic shot at the lookout point.

Lake Hawea panoramic - New Zealand

The next time you’re in Wanaka or the surrounding area, make sure to make a stop at Lake Hawea. What other lakes would you suggest checking out just for their views alone in New Zealand? In the world?

2 responses to “Lake Hawea in New Zealand.

  1. Fantastic photographs! Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you! Lake Hawea is amazing. Stopped on the way to the West Coast. Didn’t want to leave. Couldn’t believe how blue the water was.

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