Chicago + Winter + Beach = Beautiful

It’s Sunday morning just after sunrise in Chicago this past weekend. I’ve got my large coffee in hand. It’s winter time and you can see your breath outside. There was no snow on the ground though, so I thought why not walk the beach.

I get to North Avenue Beach along Lake Michigan just outside the downtown area and start walking. It being early morning the first thing I noticed was the thin layer of frost on the sand. I had never seen that before.

Chicago skyline - North Avenue Beach, Winter

I became more fascinated with the frosty sand while looking down at it as I walked. Then I looked up and over a little bit towards the south and wallah the Chicago skyline is right in front of me.

Chicago skyline - North Avenue Beach, Winter

A beautiful view to just chill (literally), capture skyline shots and drink my peanut butter mocha (more on that in a future post).

Chicago skyline - North Avenue Beach, Winter

There were people jogging on the beach and along nearby Lake Shore Drive. Lot’s of other people out with coffee and walking their dogs along the shoreline.

I turned towards Lake Michigan to get some shots. You can see the Chicago Lighthouse off in the distance.

Chicago - North Avenue Beach winter sand, Lake Michigan

Chicago skyline - North Avenue Beach winter sand, Lake Michgan

Chicago skyline - North Avenue Beach, Winter, Lake Michigan

Hanging out at the beach while drinking some java was the perfect way to start the day. This is one of the many great places that I’ve gotten great Chicago skyline shots from, some found by accident. Where are your favorite places to get Chicago skyline shots? Winter skyline shots in general?

Well back to getting some more city beach shots I go!

Chicago - North Avenue Beach, Winter

4 responses to “Chicago + Winter + Beach = Beautiful

  1. Great post….Guess if you want the beach to yourself just go in the winter! Awesome photos…

    • Thank you! A lot of dogs out for their morning stroll and some runners, but it definitely had a relaxing and quiet feel.

  2. AWESOME. I live on Lake Shore, very cool to see this. Thanks for sharing!

    • Your welcome! Everything up-and-down Lake Shore is beautiful. You live in a great place. I’d definitely see snow on the beach today I heard. ๐Ÿ™‚

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