Piha Beach in New Zealand.

Looking for a day trip destination with spectacular views when in Auckland? Look no further then Piha. Piha, the settlement and beach, are along the wild, rugged west coast of the North Island just west of the CBD. It’s a popular tourist and local destination for those in the city, especially in the summer months. It’s a scenic, winding and narrow ride over.

You’ll see Piha’s beauty as you reach the settlement and beach from up in the hills.

Piha, Piha Beach, Lion Rock - North Island, New Zealand

One of the first things you’ll notice Β is the natural formation known as Lion Rock. It separates North and South Piha Beach. The rock resembles a large male lion and you can climb it to get great views. Lion Rock is the remains of a volcano which erupted sixteen million years ago.

Piha, Piha Beach, Lion Rock - North Island, New Zealand

The beach and settlement sit along the Tasman Sea remotely within the Waitakere range. Its sand is black consisting of iron of volcanic origin. Its the most popular and famous place to surf in New Zealand due to the large waves, having hosted domestic and international competitions over the years. Swimming is not advised due to those hard waves.

Piha, Piha Beach - North Island, New Zealand

Piha, Piha Beach - North Island, New Zealand

Piha, Piha Beach - North Island, New Zealand

Piha Beach and Lion Rock is a scenic destination along the Tasman Sea. It’s definitely worth a day trip when in Auckland. What beaches have you been in awe with over the view? What beaches would you recommend seeing in New Zealand?

10 responses to “Piha Beach in New Zealand.

  1. amazing shots!

    • Thank you! Loved looking at the beach and Lion Rock from the hills and then up close. Didn’t want to put the camera down.

  2. Love this post, really exemplifies why New Zealand is such a great place.

    • Thank you Matt! Definitely. Great beaches and views you’ll be in awe at and variety in the terrain everywhere. Don’t really have any words to describe it all when there.

  3. Beautiful shots! I cannot WAIT until we reach New Zealand!

    • Thanks! Beautiful shots will await you guys wherever you travel there. πŸ™‚ Piha and all the beaches west of Auckland along the coast recommended stops.

  4. Nice, Aaron. I’m really going to have to put more time in on the North Island. Will I see you in Chicago in May?

  5. Wharariki Beach on the South Island

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