Photo of the Week: Running Into a Skyline Shot in Detroit.

Detroit shot

Leaving Eastern Market on a crisp Monday morning, I stopped to capture this shot of three well-known Detroit buildings, from left to right:

  • The Renaissance Center, also called the RenCen, is the tallest and most recognized part of the Detroit skyline. It’s home to one of the Big Three automotive companies, General Motors Company. The tallest of the seven buildings that make-up the RenCen, is the Marriott, the tallest all-hotel in the Western Hemisphere.
  • Ford Field which is home to the NFL’s Detroit Lions. Opening in 2002, it has also hosted concerts, the Super Bowl, the NCAA Final and Frozen Fours and more.
  • Right next store is Comerica Park, home to Major League Baseball’s Detroit Tigers. This stadium has been used for concerts also and will help host the upcoming 2013 Hockeytown Winter Festival. It opened in 2000 replacing the historic Tigers Stadium.

Both stadiums always draw good crowds as the Detroit sports fans are as knowledgeable, passionate and loyal as you’ll find anywhere. You can see other parts of the skyline as well behind the stadiums.

On a cold morning, it was great capturing a skyline shot of the Motor City, with the early morning clouds and blue sky.

3 responses to “Photo of the Week: Running Into a Skyline Shot in Detroit.

  1. D.J. - The World of Deej

    Great shot….You sure the Westin Peachtree isn’t taller?:)

    • Thanks! Love finding the random skyline shots. I thought the Westin was taller too. But saw it noted in several spots that the Marriott was the tallest. It looks like it has the Westin beat by 4 feet.

      • Wow…learn something every day…Totally thought Westin was tallest in North America. Somewhat related story…in 2001 I visited the Sundial and as we rode the elevator up the President was making his way to the Congress Center. The anthrax scare was going on and he gave an address to the nation from there. Coolest part…no cars on 75 in downtown going either direction except his motorcade…craziest thing I’ve ever seen…

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