Atlanta: Jimmy Carter Library and Museum

Georgia’s own Jimmy Carter, a native to Plains, was the 39th President of the United States. Like other ex-presidents there is a museum dedicated to showcasing his life, in his case, he keeps adding to it.

The museum sits on a hill and several acres in the Poncey Highlands neighborhood of Atlanta just east of downtown. It’s actually on the site where General Sherman watched the Battle of Atlanta during the Civil War in 1864. As you walk towards the entrance you’ll walk by a lot of greenery and a fountain and reflecting pool.

Jimmy Carter Library & Museum - Atlanta, Georgia - presidential

After paying a small entrance fee you’ll enter the museum through the gift shop.

Jimmy Carter Library & Museum - Atlanta, Georgia - presidential

Going through all the exhibits you’ll learn about Jimmy Carter from his upbringing in Plains, to his marrying Rosalynn and running his family’s peanut farm business.

Jimmy Carter Library & Museum - Atlanta, Georgia - presidential

Your see detailed accounts of him in his Georgia senator and governor days and everything involved with his presidential campaign. He was elected in 1977 beating out the incumbent Gerald Ford.

Jimmy Carter Library & Museum - Atlanta, Georgia - presidential

Highlights of his presidency including the Panama Canal Treaty, dealing with extreme inflation and a recession and the energy crisis are presented. You’ll see significant (and pop culture) events that occurred during the same time highlighted like the original edition of the Star Wars movie series in 1977.

You learn about his failed reelection campaign, losing to Ronald Reagan in 1981 and everything him and his wife have been up-to since. More on that in a bit. Make sure to view the room duplicating what his version of the Oval Office looked like.

Jimmy Carter Library & Museum - Atlanta, Georgia

As you near the end of touring the museum you should walk outside and checkout the gardens. There is a Japanese garden, a lake and lot’s more greenery.

Jimmy Carter Library & Museum - Atlanta, Georgia - gardens

You’ll also find great views of the downtown Atlanta skyline.

Jimmy Carter Library & Museum - Atlanta, Georgia - gardens, downtown skyline

Along with the library, museum and gardens is the Carter Center, a nongovernmental, not-for-profit organization founded by Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter in 1982. The Carter Center works with nearby Emory University helping to advance human rights and alleviate human suffering. He won the Noble Peace Prize in 2002 for all of his efforts, which is on display at the museum. You’ll also see the “Postcards For Peace” exhibit. He is known as one of the most successful ex-presidents in U.S. history.

Jimmy Carter Library & Museum - Atlanta, Georgia - Postcards For Peace

They both still spend a lot of time at the Carter Center as well as back in Plains, Georgia. The museum and Center is within Freedom Park so you’ll find lots of biking and walking paths and more scenic views of the city.

Jimmy Carter Library & Museum - Atlanta, Georgia - park

When in Atlanta, make sure to stop by the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum and learn about a great Georgia native. What U.S. presidential libraries and museums have you visited or would like to?

4 responses to “Atlanta: Jimmy Carter Library and Museum

  1. Haven’t made it to this one, but the JFK museum is another great one.

    • Thanks for the tip! ๐Ÿ™‚ Will have to get to Boston to check it out. Hope you make it the Carter one sometime.

  2. Love the Freedom Park area…..Haven’t been to the library since I was a kid though…

    • Love all the green, the trails and the views of the skyline from the park. I just drove past it one day and decided to explore more in depth. Glad I did.

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