Getting a Preview of the Milwaukee Lakeshore.

I’ve been to Milwaukee before, but not since my younger days so it was time to check out Wisconsin’s biggest city. Coming up from the south on the interstate, I followed the harbor signs and landed right by the Discovery World museum and Harbor House restaurant.

My itinerary was full for the day, but I wanted to get a taste of what the city has to offer and all the great scenery and photo opportunities along their lakeshore, 14+ miles in fact. I decided to immediately park and walk the nearby walkway that went in between the aforementioned museum and restaurant.

Milwaukee Pier

Starting on the walkway you look to your right and see Discovery World which focuses on technology and innovation. Beyond that was the Daniel Hoan Memorial Bridge which goes over the Milwaukee River connecting downtown Milwaukee with points south.

Milwaukee Pier

Right in front of me now was the calm harbor and lake. Never a bad spot to be along one of the Great Lakes. What’s that off in the distance?

Milwaukee Pier

It’s the Milwaukee Breakwater Lighthouse (Light) which is offshore. It marks the entrance into the Milwaukee River. Onshore is the Milwaukee Pierhead Lighthouse (by the Hoan Bridge) which is alongside Lakeshore State Park. Lot’s more lighthouse fun down the road!

Milwaukee Pier

Looking off to the left at the end of the walkway you’ll see some of the lakeside Milwaukee County parks and beaches and high-rise apartment buildings off in the distance. They have done a great job taking advantage of the lakeshore they have.

Milwaukee Pier

Turning around and looking inland, wallah, the skyline is right there! The tallest building in town and in Wisconsin on the left is the 42-story, 601 foot U.S. Bank Center. The Milwaukee Art Museum is the white architectural landmark seen on the right.

Milwaukee Pier

The walk turned out indeed to be a good preview of what Milwaukee has to offer along the lakeshore. There are lighthouses, beaches, parks, museums and more things that I’ll need to explore on future visits. Any other recommendations of things to see along Lake Michigan in Milwaukee? In Wisconsin?

4 responses to “Getting a Preview of the Milwaukee Lakeshore.

  1. Who knew Milwaukee could be so pretty? Not me…

    • It’s one great thing after another along Lake Michigan. Didn’t realize how beautiful the coast is there. Lot’s more exploring and pics from there soon!

  2. Loved your Milw. photos, it makes me home sick.

    • Thank you! Was my first time in Milwaukee since I was much younger. Hope to get back, love the city and Lake Michigan shoreline.

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