Zigzagging a State Line.

Michigan and Ohio are border states. Loving state welcome-to signs, I got the crazy idea of driving west to east along the border one evening and turning on one north/south road after another to capture the signs and scenery.

I reached the border from the north on a major two-lane road, U.S. Highway 127 in the beautiful countryside.

Michigan, Ohio state line

Michigan, Ohio state line

Slightly to the east, I wandered onto numerous secondary roads. On all of them I checked out, there weren’t welcome-to signs, just a sign signifying what county was being entered.

Michigan, Ohio state line

Michigan, Ohio state line

I also noticed the difference in pavement as you crossed into a different state. Sometimes you’ll notice it when you cross into a different county within the same state. I’m barely in Michigan in this shot.

Michigan, Ohio state line

In this border crossing case, it went from a dirt road in Michigan, to pavement in Ohio. Who’s that guy taking the photos haha?! 🙂

Michigan, Ohio state line

Michigan, Ohio state line

The west to east road in the area, was named State Line Road. What are the odds?

Michigan, Ohio state line

The welcome-to signage will not always be the same between major roads, as is the case with this green sign when entering Ohio.

Michigan, Ohio state line

Going further east, on what becomes M-52 north, your still in the beautiful countryside and the welcome-to signage is decorated with blooming flowers. Love capturing the blue sky, a barn, a silo or other objects in signage shots.

Michigan, Ohio state line

The Michigan/Ohio land border ends at Lake Erie to the east in the urban Toledo area. A lot more people will see these Michigan and Ohio welcome-to signs around Toledo then the others because they’re on the interstate. In this case U.S. 23.

Michigan, Ohio state line

Michigan, Ohio state line

For good measure, I captured some shots of welcome-to signs in a more urban setting. I liked the countryside backdrops better.

Michigan, Ohio state line

It was a great evening zigzagging the Michigan/Ohio state line capturing all the welcome-to signs and backdrops behind. I look forward to doing it again, with different states as the participants. What experiences in your travels do you have in regards to welcome-to signs? Any ideas of interaction I should have with them like jumping?

8 responses to “Zigzagging a State Line.

  1. What a clever idea…it’s funny you mention that about the concrete. I recently drove from Detroit airport to northern Ohio, and complained the whole way through Michigan about how terrible the roads were…

    • Thanks, just thought one afternoon why not! Yeah on the roads. Good news though in that some will get repaired because it’s construction season now in the Midwest yeay haha. Lot’s of orange barrels.

  2. Interesting post. I have noticed different pavement when crossing state lines before. I like the idea of this post exploring the different signs and roads when crossing state lines.

    • Thanks! I’m used to just crossing state lines on the freeway, so I thought let’s see what it’s like in other scenarios. Love capturing everything behind the signs too, in this case farms and the countryside.

  3. Really neat post! Some advice: don’t be texting while you walk towards those signs – as my experience with an IKEA parking lot sign taught me! (My fav pix are the two Fulton county ones and NOT b/c I live in Fulton county, GA!)

    • Thanks Raul! That’s a great tip, definitely gonna be on the lookout. I’ve never run into a sign, but unfortunately have some experience running into a glass door, ouch. They had it so clean I didn’t even notice it was a door. Like the birds I guess. 🙂

      I’ve always just passed the Fulton and other county signs down there, gonna have to stop and check em out!

  4. What a cool photo story. 🙂 I liked the pictures with your shadows in them. And I’m surprised at how many different designs there are!

    • Thanks! I thought the shadows would be a nice touch. I’m in one state, my shadow is in another. 🙂 Just thought about it, you enter Illinois and Chicago at the same time from Indiana. Double signage opportunities maybe!

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