Chicago: The Travel Bloggers #WindyCityTweetup.

More fun times in Chicago this weekend, this time for the #WindyCityTweetup. The #WindyCityTweetup was a weekend long event of travel bloggers, some local some not, getting together to meet in-person, get to know one another, share lot’s of fun and laughs and explore Chicago. We’ve all talked and established a friendship via social media channels like Twitter and then through e-mail planning the weekend fun.

I drove in just for the day Saturday. Being travel bloggers and social media addicts, we took to the streets, exploring, tweeting, talking about the things we saw and captured lot’s of photos.

Windy City Tweetup - Chicago

The rest of the Windy City travel group:

RaΓΊl from Ilivetotravel
Leah from Leah Travels
Lauren from where in the world is lola?
Ted from Traveling Ted TV
Francesca from The Working Mom’s Travels
Pola from Jetting Around

Windy City Tweetup - Chicago

Some highlights (some of which will become posts of their own this week, stay tuned!):

  • Grabbed coffee at sci-fi themed Wormhole Coffee in the Wicker Park neighborhood.
  • Waited in line with 100’s of other people in off-and-on light rain all morning for Doughnut Valut donuts.
  • Checked out Sofitel Chicago where the other out-of-towners were staying.
  • Walked The Magnificent Mile, desperately missing the recently departed Marilyn Monroe statue haha.
  • Went on a Chicago architecture riverboat tour. Beer, great conversations and great views of the city.
  • Group shot at “The Bean” in Millennium Park below. Also watched how others interacted with the sculpture, some of which made you say huh?
  • Drinks, conversation and people watching at Palmer House Hilton. There must have been a prom, a wedding reception and several other formal gatherings all going on around us at the same time. Definitely a place to be. A relaxing atmosphere to hang out in.
  • Hit up Exchequer Restaurant & PubΒ for some Chicago-style deep-dish pizza.

Windy City Tweetup - Tbe Bean (Cloud Gate) - Chicago

The aforementioned rain continued off-and-on throughout the day, but if anything that made the day that much more memorable.

I wish the fun day didn’t have to end, but I had a long, late night drive home. Thanks Chicago! I said good-bye to everyone after we grabbed a cab back to home base, Sofitel Chicago. It was great trip meeting some great fellow travel bloggers in-person, people now whom I can call even more so now, friends.

10 responses to “Chicago: The Travel Bloggers #WindyCityTweetup.

  1. Nice! I appreciate your hour long line at Doughnut Vault having been a beneficiary of the purchase made! Also, you are missing from the Exchequer picture! Looking forward to the rest of the upcoming writeups.

    • Your welcome on Doughnut Vault, they were very good donuts. Will be writing a post about it soon. πŸ™‚ Wish was in the Exchequer picture, but used it to show off the other travelers I was with. πŸ™‚ Look forward to your future posts too.

  2. great post Aaron! loved meeting you!! you are such a rock star to make that drive twice in one day. looking forward to our paths crossing again!!
    xo – lola

    • Thanks Lola, it was great meeting you too! So happy I made it, great great times. Look forward to seeing you again soon!

  3. Nice recap, it’s so great to relive this weekend, now that it’s “back to reality.” I look forward to trying that coffee shop!

    (You missed Marilyn by just a few days… Bummer. πŸ˜‰ )

    • Thanks Pola! Definitely agree, love the writing about and processing of the photos. Coffee soon! I did see her last year when there thank goodness haha. πŸ™‚

  4. Great summary of the event. It is nice to see a picture of Raul sitting down and not hogging all the pizza πŸ™‚

  5. Nice recap, Aaron. I’m going to have to reference this when I write more. I forgot about all the prom people already. πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks! πŸ™‚ Palmer House, definitely a great place for people watching, getting some good drinks and hanging out. Couldn’t believe how many events were going on at once there.

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