Florida: Sarasota Bayfront Park Part I.

All my time in Sarasota, Florida up until now has been at Siesta Key. My girlfriend and I recently took a day trip there and decided to explore downtown and the coastline without the guidance of a map or GPS. Just outside of the historic downtown we stumbled upon Bayfront Park (Island Park) amidst the tropical paradise.

We walked into Bayfront Park with cameras in hand and eyes wide open. Bayfront Park sits on a peninsula right in the heart of Sarasota that goes out into Sarasota Bay. We set out on the walking/biking path that runs the perimeter.

Sarasota, Florida - Island/Bayfront Park entrance

Entering the park you’ll immediately notice the marina, all the boats and all the high-rise condos off in the distance.

Sarasota, Florida - Island/Bayfront Park - harbor

Sarasota, Florida - Island/Bayfront Park - harbor

You’ll also see plenty of dining opportunities around the park and marina. Grab some seafood from Marina Jacks, pictured in the middle down below opposite the marina. Arrive by car or on foot or dock your boat.

Sarasota, Florida - Island/Bayfront Park - harbor

Sit on one of the many romantic bench spots overlooking the bay. Gotta love palm trees!

Sarasota, Florida - Island/Bayfront Park

Walking around the park we came across this cool looking dolphin fountain. I heard you might actually see jumping dolphins in the bay as your walking along. We also saw lots of children having water fun in a children’s fountain.

Sarasota, Florida - Island/Bayfront Park - fountain

Looking out from the tip of the parks peninsula, the Golden Gate Point Condos caught the eye. Golden Gate Point is a luxurious destination with lots of condo options right near all the action. You’ll seeΒ boat slips all along the shoreline.

Sarasota, Florida - Island/Bayfront Park

The John Ringling Bridge to the left of Golden Gate Point connects the mainland with St. Armonds, an up-scale shopping paradise. Beyond that you’ll find Lido and Longboat Key and beaches, driving along the Gulf of Mexico.

Sarasota, Florida - Island/Bayfront Park

Parts of the shoreline around the park are coated in seashells. They are mostly broken, but I managed to secure a few whole ones. Score! πŸ™‚

Sarasota, Florida - Island/Bayfront Park

On a nice day you’ll find plenty of boats out on the open waters of Sarasota Bay. Unfortunately we were there right after tropical storm Debbie, which produced lot’s of rain and wind, so we saw a few boats capsized along the shoreline, one of which is pictured above. 😦 We walked by someone who was repairing their boat.

Sarasota, Florida - Island/Bayfront Park

Sand, the open water, a tree overhang and a tropical setting, what more could you ask for in a photo and a scene to just stand and stare at for several minutes.

Sarasota, Florida - Island/Bayfront Park

It was a standard hot and humid day in Florida, so we needed something to quench our thirst and relax. What did we do? Part II, a future post, will feature tropical drinks, tiki huts, checking out the water sport rental opportunities and showcase more tropical pictures and great times from Sarasota Bayfront Park.

Sarasota, Florida - Island/Bayfront Park - entrance

Have you been to Sarasota? What other water lined parks in Florida would you suggest scoping out?

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