Photo of the Week: Lake Michigan in Milwaukee.

Caught this photo of Lake Michigan by McKinley Beach when driving along Lincoln Memorial Drive in Milwaukee. Loved the different shades of blue of the sky and water, the green grass and the yellow dandelions and the rocks separating the blue from the land. Dandelions means Spring is in full swing! Relaxed here for a bit just taking in being by Lake Michigan in a new spot.

Allegheny River in Pittsburgh

4 responses to “Photo of the Week: Lake Michigan in Milwaukee.

  1. Nice composition, Aaron! I like all the shades of blue and the rocks. Lake Michigan is so beautiful…

    • Thanks Pola! Loved all the colors I was able to capture in one shot. The rocks were a great touch. It seems like there is limitless great shots of Lake Michigan.

  2. Have you ever been to Kenosha? I just found out about it recently, and it looks like a great place to visit. I believe it is near what you are discussing here…

    • I’ve spent just a little time in Kenosha. Checkout the light house and lakeshore there, especially around sunset.Southport Park and Kenosha sand dunes are nice. If into coffee checkout Common Grounds in the Harborside area, get the Vanilla Chai. If you make it there let me know about the restaurant scene.

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