Atlanta: My Peaceful Bridge.

Do you have a peaceful place, to relax and unwind, that also happens to be scenic? I think I’ve found one in the ATL’s 17th Street Bridge.

I recently showcased a photo of the 17th Street Bridge on a sunny day. I didn’t think too much in-depth of the spot at the time, other than a great place to grab skyline shots and see traffic. Then came a return visit earlier this week.

It wasn’t clear on this day. In fact dark clouds were hovering over the two Atlanta skylines within view, Midtown and Downtown. The weatherman wannabe in me was like, “Yes!!! It’s gonna storm!”.

The middle of bridge on the north side was closed for construction which was sad, but I think the random port-a-potty is a nice touch in this shot.

Atlanta, Georgia - 17th Street Bridge

It wasn’t just the skylines, it was the fact that you can see The Varsity, Georgia Tech, the Olympic torch and more all in one view.

Along with the weather and points of interest, you had people driving on the 21-lanes of madness both north and south down below. Thinking about it more I realized that some some of these folks were on road trips and out on the open road. You see through this stretch I-75 and I-85 come together to form the Downtown Connector. I-75 stretches from Michigan to Florida and I-85 carries traffic from Virginia to Alabama. The possibilities of where people are coming from and going to is limitless! πŸ™‚

Atlanta, Georgia - 17th Street Bridge

I could just stand there and watch the traffic go by for hours. Well maybe not at rush hour when everything stands still haha.

The 17th Street Bridge was completed in 2004 and connects Atlantic Station, a recently built live/work/play community, with the heart of Midtown. I just stood on the bridge for a bit, thinking about things and at the same time not having a care in the world. It was peaceful, because unlike down below, the bridge was relatively quiet at this mid-afternoon time.

Atlanta, Georgia - 17th Street Bridge

As if the weather gods were waiting for me to leave, it starting downpouring like crazy about a minute after walking off the bridge into the Atlantic Station shopping complex. This is my peaceful place indeed.

What bridges do you love capturing the scenery off of? Have you come across a peaceful place in your travels that you would like to get back to over and over?

2 responses to “Atlanta: My Peaceful Bridge.

  1. Nice post for a bridge I see just about every day I am in Atlanta. Couple of interesting things… One the construction you are seeing is likely still where they are repairing the fact that the some of the fences that line the sidewalk fell onto traffic below a few months ago. It may have been the other side of the bridge but maybe they are replacing all for you good measure. The other interesting thing is that the bridge when it was being built or just finished was being referred to as the big banana because of its color and shape when seen when you are somewhere other than on it!!

    • That’s right, I read about the fences falling. They better get that 100% in a hurry, if haven’t yet. Will have to look at it more closely when driving past to checkout it’s banana appearance. Also heard someone refer to it as the Gateway to Atlanta.

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