Capturing the Skyline of The Cleve.

Spending a lot of time in Cleveland over the years, I’ve had the chance to hang out all over town. With that has come a lot of skyline viewing opportunities in The Cleve.

Right alongside the south end of Cleveland Browns Stadium, there is downtown Cleveland.

Cleveland, Ohio skyline - Cleveland Browns Stadium

A short walk away is Voinovich Bicentennial Park along the Lake Erie shoreline. The skyline from here also features the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in the foreground. Turn around 180 degrees and you have the open waters of Lake Erie to capture.

Cleveland, Ohio skyline - Voinvoich Park, Lake Erie

Still at Voinovich, it’s time to walk forwards and backwards on the steps and…

Cleveland, Ohio skyline - Voinovich Park, Lake Erie

…to soak in all the greenery.

Cleveland, Ohio night skyline - Voinovich Park, Lake Erie

The skyline all lit up at night from the same spot.

Cleveland, Ohio skyline - Voinovich Park, Lake Erie

Some say the best skyline views come from the Hope Memorial Bridge which crosses over the Cuyahoga River. A couple of quick snapshots while driving.

Cleveland, Ohio skyline - Hope Memorial Bridge

Cleveland, Ohio skyline - Hope Memorial Bridge

In my most recent visit, I walked the bridge at sunset. Got a good shot despite the north end sidewalk being closed for rebuilding.

Cleveland, Ohio night skyline - Hope Memorial Bridge

Grabbed this quick shot heading westbound on I-490.

Cleveland, Ohio skyline - I-490 interstate

My favorite spot to capture the city is from Edgewater Park, just west of downtown along the lakefront.

Cleveland, Ohio skyline - Edgewater Park

Cleveland, Ohio skyline - Edgewater Park

You could argue this spot is more scenic in the winter months.

Cleveland, Ohio skyline - Edgewater Park in winter

From Edgewater Park you can walk on a narrow path along the lake to get great views of Channel Park marina and the skyline behind.

Cleveland, Ohio skyline - Edgewater Park, marina

You never known where you’ll have a skyline photo opportunity. Clevelanders, can you tell me where this shot is probably from? It’s been awhile. ๐Ÿ™‚

Cleveland, Ohio skyline

You can capture the skyline as well from suburbia like here in Independence, Ohio by the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel and the Winking Lizard Tavern.

Cleveland skyline - Independence, Ohio

I found myself just off Ohio State Route 2 opposite Cleveland Browns Stadium and the shoreline in a large, empty parking lot. An open view of the tall buildings from a different angle, cool!

Cleveland, Ohio skyline - along Ohio State Route 2

Picking up some produce, meats and more from West Side Market in the Ohio City neighborhood? Take a skyline shot from the parking lot directly behind while you’re there.

Cleveland, Ohio skyline - West Side Market

Shot from the same vicinity in the Ohio City neighborhood.

Cleveland, Ohio skyline - Ohio City neighborhood

Nighttime view by Progressive Field home of Indians baseball. Having sports stadiums right in the heart of the city, downtown and skyline, perfect.

Cleveland, Ohio skyline - Progressive Field

Lots of places, lots of great times and lots of different views of the skyline. I can’t wait to discover more great places to capture the skyline in The Cleve.

Where else do you recommend capturing the skyline in Cleveland? What is the last skyline you captured?

4 responses to “Capturing the Skyline of The Cleve.

  1. thetalkinghangover

    nice crisp clear pics. I guess thats aided by the cool air right? Where’s the dogpound pics? looks a lovely city. dont know if it is or not but you’ve made it look appealing.

    • Thanks! Some of the pics were taken in the cold winter air. I went to a game at the old Cleveland Stadium as a kid back in the 80’s and sat in the dog pound. Great memories, wish would have had a pic or two of. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a great city, a lot more to do then people think!

  2. Fantastic post! I’m a lifelong Clevelander who grew up in Mentor, and my favorite moment of driving downtown was seeing the skyline appear over I-90.
    Now that I work downtown and live on the west side, I recommend taking a skyline photo on the Red Line of the Rapid as the train pulls away from Ohio City station. First it’s trees, old pieces of metal, then…bam, skyline. I always put down whatever book I’m reading to view it every morning.
    Thanks again for sharing such great photos!

    • Thanks Leah! I know what you mean. I usually come into the city from the west via the turnpike and I-90. Beautiful. Thanks for the tip. Will have to hop on the Red Line soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

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