Atlanta: Driving Through the Heart.

Almost always being the driver when going through Atlanta on the interstate I don’t have many chances to capture the city from out on the open road. That changed last month when I was a passenger. I had my camera in hand. All the shots are from the Downtown Connector (officially named James Wendell George Parkway), where I-75 and I-85 come together through the heart of the ATL.

Heading south you first come across Atlantic Station. It’s a live-work-play neighborhood, built-in 2005, and has a unique skyline of its own. There are lot’s of shopping and entertainment options. Gotta get some signage in the shots too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Atlanta -

Straight ahead now is Midtown and its skyline to the left and the Downtown skyline is further back to the right. You can’t tell from this angle, but there are 20-lanes of traffic that go through here. Thank goodness it’s not rush hour.

Atlanta - Midtown, Downtown

Cruising along in the carpool lane. ๐Ÿ™‚

Atlanta - Midtown, carpool lane

The Bank of America Plaza building stands out in Midtown. It’s the tallest building in Atlanta, Georgia and the South and the tallest in the United States outside of New York and Chicago. You’ll also notice the Olympic Games memorial tower. The actual Olympic flame from the 1996 Olympics sits near Turner Field today.

Atlanta - Midtown skyline, Olympic torch

Quickly glancing off to the left, you see The Varsity. A historical and touristy 1950’s style burger joint. Look for the red V!

Atlanta - Midtown, The Varsity

After passing through Midtown, you have the Downtown skyline right in front of you that you’ll about to weave through. The tallest building in Downtown is SunTrust Plaza.

Atlanta - Downtown skyline

Captured a couple of shots coming into the city and Downtown area traveling northbound.

Atlanta - Downtown from the south

Atlanta - Downtown from the south

The aforementioned Turner Field you’ll pass along to your right. It’s home of to the Atlanta Braves baseball team and was originally the Olympic stadium during the 1996 games.

Atlanta - Turner Field

It was great being a passenger on this day going through the ATL, well any skyline for that matter. Hope to do it again soon. I’ll have my camera ready!

Have you ever captured any city skylines as a car passenger or wished you could as you were driving through?

6 responses to “Atlanta: Driving Through the Heart.

  1. Well, you already know my affection for the Varsity. Love the Atlanta skyline. Can’t wait to be back in July!

  2. Driving through Atlanta is nice as it is a beautiful skyline. Most cities taking the bypass is best, but not in Atlanta as traffic is worse on I-285, so it makes sense to just flow right throw downtown.

    • So true, especially on the north and northeastern ends of I-285. It’s a train wreck even at non rush hour times. Got stuck on it yesterday. Beautiful skyline indeed! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Cool photos! To answer your question – yup, do it every time I’m in Seattle. Love my taxi ride from Bellevue to downtown!

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