California: The View from Marin Headlands.

Just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco in Sausalito and Marin County are the Marin Headlands. They are a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and is a romantic and scenic place go to capture the city, fog, bridges, bay and more all at once.

You hop on the inclined, coastal Conzelman Road right off U.S. Highway 101 and you’ll pass by multiple vistas, parking areas and probably cyclists too. I stopped right where the road becomes one way at Hawks Hill. My rental car is parked below. πŸ™‚

Marin Headlands, California, San Francisco Bay

I immediately saw the bridge engulfed in the fog up-close…

Marin Headlands, California, San Francisco Bay

…and off in the distance the San Francisco skyline!

Marin Headlands, California, San Francisco Bay

As with other stops on this trip, the fog was ever-present. If I was anywhere else I’d be depressed, but when you think San Francisco, you think fog. A lot of the scenes in front of you here are just as beautiful as they are on a clear day. I took the short walk (climb) to an even higher point…

Marin Headlands, California, San Francisco Bay

…and went right up to the old guard rail. Better not lean up against it haha.

Marin Headlands, California, San Francisco Bay

It’s amazing how much of the area you can see. Past the Golden Gate Bridge and further into the bay, you see Alcatraz off to the far right and beyond that the Bay Bridge which connects Oakland and San Francisco. Speaking of Oakland, can you see its skyline and the East Bay even further back?!

Marin Headlands, California, San Francisco Bay

I’m always on the lookout for those romantic park bench spots. The bench might be old and crooked, but I didn’t even notice in the moment as I sat at looked at the view right in front of me.

Marin Headlands, California, San Francisco Bay

Turn to your right, and thought you can’t really tell, but the San Francisco Bay is coming together with the Pacific Ocean.

Marin Headlands, California, San Francisco Bay

Do a complete 180 and wallah, where did the fog go? Just beautiful green hillside and valleys right in front of you and mountains off in the distance. That’s how close to the coast the fog parks itself a lot of the time.

Marin Headlands, California, San Francisco Bay

Marin Headlands, California, San Francisco Bay

Getting back in my vehicle, I continued on the one-way road and parked by the trail that goes to Point Bonita Lighthouse. The tunnel right before it was closed, but it was a scenic walk nevertheless.

Marin Headlands, California, San Francisco Bay

Marin Headlands, California, San Francisco Bay

Marin Headlands, California, San Francisco Bay

While you’re at the headlands, join the cyclists or hike on the miles of trails in the valleys throughout. Checkout the wonderful wilderness or take in one of the many beaches along the coast. Also visit Fort Cronkhite and Barry among others. They are former forts and military outposts.

Who’s that guy who squinted his eyes at the camera haha?! πŸ™‚

Marin Headlands, California, San Francisco Bay

Great times up-top at Marin Headlands. If you’re looking to see hills, mountains, a big city skyline, iconic bridges, a bay and an ocean from a natural up-top location, then this is your spot.

What up-top natural locations would you recommend for skyline and water/ocean views?

10 responses to “California: The View from Marin Headlands.

  1. Aaron, I love this photo essay!!! Great shots and the views… oh my goodness. This is not helping my huge crush on San Francisco AT ALL, haha. Next time I have to go to this spot.

    • Thanks Pola! It’s amazing how much you can see from one spot. Everyone was either staring at the view or had their phones and cameras constantly clicking. It’d be a great place to read or just unwind. Glad you found out about it. πŸ™‚

  2. The SF weather is so strange – I remember driving across the bridge and you could barely see a thing, but as soon as we came out the other side it was bright sunlight. Beautiful place though.

    • The weather seems to be like that up and down the coast. Drastic temperatures changes from mile-to-mile too. Love it, think it makes the place even more beautiful and fascinating.

    • I remember driving back from Napa into SF and all of a sudden seeing this vertical wall of fog in front of me. In no time, we went from tropical weather to rain. And like Aaron said, this makes the city so fascinating. πŸ™‚

      • The drive down the PCH from San Francisco kept rotating between clear blue skies and being completely fogged over/pea soup. Loved it!

  3. Very sweet photos of the fog. You say it is amazing what you can see, but I think it is more amazing for what you cannot see thanks to the blanket of fog. Reminds me of the John Carpenter movie.

    • Thanks Ted! Definitely, so much was hidden on that day. Will get back and capture sans the fog. Oh you mean The Fog. Big Trouble in Little China first came to mind when thinking John Carpenter and SF. πŸ™‚

  4. That fog is mesmerizing and beautiful!

    • Hope to see this spot again when it’s clear outside, but fog shots seem to be just as breathtaking around San Francisco and the Bay. πŸ™‚

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