Photo of the Week: Opportunity Made in Detroit.

During the holidays a place to be in Downtown Detroit is Campus Martius Park. You’ll see skaters on the ice rink, hear holiday music, see people dining at Fountain Bistro and others checking out the city’s holiday tree and lights.

I captured this photo as someone was on a zamboni cleaning the ice on the rink. Something else that you will see now-a-days is the Opportunity Made in Detroit advertisement (campaign) on the building in back of the rink as well as on the moving zamboni.

Detroit, Michigan 2012 holidays - Campus Martius Park

The campaign was created to make the whole world look at the city and see all the new and positive things going on. Every time I walk the city streets I’m noticing new restaurants, coffeehouses, signage and more people out-and-about. On this day I passed by the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant/bar that was about to open the next day. It’s so great to see. ๐Ÿ™‚

Those of you who watched the baseball World Series might remember the commercial that premiered. Also checkout and follow the hashtag #OpportunityDetroit on Twitter.

2 responses to “Photo of the Week: Opportunity Made in Detroit.

  1. I am absolutely thrilled to see positive things happening in the D! I may still hate the Tigers as a White Sox fan ๐Ÿ˜‰ but I’m pulling for the city! Another trip is in order soon.

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