Photo of the Week: A Coffee & Old School Geekiness.

On a quick day trip to Gainesville, part of my #ElCafeDe2013 conquest in the state of Georgia, I came across an old friend to go along with my new friend, a Dirty Chai w/ Espresso at Inman Perk.

This coffeeshop is one of many I’ve come across lately where random old books line the shelves. As soon as I sat down one book caught my attention, The COBOL Environment. COBOL is an old-school programming language used to program mainframes and one I used to dabble in briefly back in the day. Enjoying caffeine while venturing into past geekiness, good times!

Gainesville, Georgia, Inman Perk, COBOL

More on Inman Perk and my Georgia coffee travels in an upcoming post. What memories of the past have been rekindled in coffeeshops or cafΓ©s you’ve visited?

6 responses to “Photo of the Week: A Coffee & Old School Geekiness.

  1. Of COURSE that book caught your eye hahaha…. But anyway, coffee & books are the perfect match. πŸ™‚

    • Haha! Book did bring back memories. Magazines, travel especially of course, or a pen and blank paper are a nice match to go along with coffee too! πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve always loved cafe’s. No matter where you go in the world, a good cup of coffee and a good book will always bring you home

  3. Ah coffee shops do rekindle a lot of memories. Funnily enough entering a well-known coffee chain always makes me think of my American friends whom I sat with in said franchise in Christchurch (of course it has to be NZ…). We were talking about who we’d be if we were American cities. They said I’d be Seattle. At that time I had never been to Seattle, but given its close proximity to my love Vancouver I have to say it’s probably the best guess!

    • New Zealand yes yes! Remember sitting in said franchise in Christchurch’s Cathedral Square, pre-earthquake. 😦 Seattle cool. Want to get to there sometime to checkout the coffee scene.

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