Detroit: By Day and By Night. Oh yeah Fireworks too.

Was lucky enough a couple of years back to secure tickets to the Detroit Fireworks up-top the historic Garden Court Condominiums.

They shoot the fireworks off over the Detroit River, which separates the United States and Canada. Looking out towards the river and Canada, a great fireworks shot.

Detroit, Michigan fireworks

It wasn’t just the view of the fireworks though from up there, but also the views of the city and skyline. A shot of Jefferson Avenue heading right into downtown by day…

Detroit, Michigan day time skyline

…and by night.

Detroit, Michigan night time skyline

Checkout some more of my photos of the city and fireworks from up-top those condominiums.

Where is the most scenic spot that you have ever watched fireworks from? A skyline in view?

6 responses to “Detroit: By Day and By Night. Oh yeah Fireworks too.

  1. Detroit gets a bad wrap, methinks. Cool photos, Aaron.

  2. Thanks for capturing a Detroit in a flattering light. It’s my hometown & like Leah said, it carries such a terrible stigma these days, but there are still beautiful spots & sights within the city.


  3. Scenic spot? Probably Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown, fireworks last New Years Eve. Gorgeous place but weather was crap and cleared in the nick of time before midnight!

    • Great choice! Have spent time in Queenstown. Beauitful lake and area. Found myself just starring out into the lake and at the The Remarkables from the beach. Glad the weather cleared in time! πŸ™‚

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