My Three Travel Regrets.

Thank you to Pola of Jetting Around for inviting me to write about three travel regrets.

It’s a change of pace to write about things travel related that I didn’t do. Things I wish I would have, no matter the reason. I can look back and think of three travel regrets.

1. The Layover in Sydney. I had a twelve-hour layover in between flights a couple of years ago on my way to New Zealand. I did take advantage by leaving the airport and heading into the city, seeing the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Cove up close. I headed back though to the airport several hours before I could have because I didn’t want to take any chances on missing my next flight. At the airport everything went smoothly so I wound up with lots of time to kill.

Right before I left downtown I was standing by the entrance to the ferry that was heading to Manly Bay and Beach. I’ve though myself I could have gotten on the ferry, explored and been back in plenty of time. I also thought, I could have climbed the Harbour Bridge instead of just walking on it and checked out other things. Its not every day you travel to the other side of the world, let alone have a layover in such a great place. Maybe someday I will turn that frown upside down.

Sydney Cove, Australia, Manly Bay ferry

Sydney Cove, Australia, Manly Bay ferry

The ferries to Manly Bay in Australia left from Wharf 3. Also, stood next to the Ferry Schedule at Wharf 2 in Sydney.

2. Photo Taking. As time goes on, with every trip these days seems to come more–and-more photo taking. I regret not taking as many photos, even as little as one at each stop on previous trips. The memory of most of those trips is still there. But to have just one photo of a places I’ve been that don’t exist anymore, like the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium or a place I can’t put a name on, like a great polish restaurant I was at in Montreal, is a big regret I have.

Cleveland Browns Stadium, Ohio

Cleveland Browns Stadium, the same site where the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium sat.

3. Christchurch. I was in Christchurch for a while, leaving only a week before the February 2011 earthquake. You may be thinking why would I regret leaving right before a major catastrophe. The fact that I wasn’t there to help a place that I became so close to, along with helping and being there for loved ones is something I think back on a lot and wished I would have been there to lend a helping hand immediately after.

Bridge of Remembrance, Christchurch, New Zealand

Bridge of Rememberance in Christchurch, New Zealand right before the earthquake. In need of extensive repair now.

Thank you again Pola for tagging me. Here are her three travel regrets. I’m interested to hear about some of the travel regrets Anis of Five Footer Traveller, Ellen of Feugomania and Bryan & Jessica of asixpackofstories have.

Do you have anything you look back on and regret in regards to travel?

22 responses to “My Three Travel Regrets.

  1. Thanks for accepting the tag, Aaron, and sharing your regrets ! I can really related to the one about photos. I wish I had taken more (or better) pictures in the past, especially in Italy… As for Australia, at least you got out for a bit. 🙂

    • No problem Pola. Thanks for including me. 🙂 I’m definitely making up for lost time in the photo taking department. 🙂 Yeah I shouldn’t be sad about Australia too much, just want to see more of the great things the Sydney area has to offer.

  2. Australia’s on my regret list too! Let’s go! 🙂 I am with you on the photos too. I always regret not taking enough of them, and I usually take a lot.

    • Yes yes, lets do it! I need to plan a long layover/stop again to or from New Zealand next time, with lots of picture taking. 🙂

  3. I studied in France for a semester and write my senior thesis on Rousseau’s political philosophy…and yet I missed out on an opportunity for a “Rousseau Day” where the town commemorated his work. There was lots of other primary-research experiences I had, of course, but I still regret missing the fest.

    • I’m sorry you missed out on Rousseau Day, but glad you got the chance to experience other things while in France. 🙂 Hope you can experience a similar type festival someday.

  4. Only that I didn’t really get the travel bug until later into my 20s and then other life stuff happened so I didn’t do the traditional OE that many Kiwis do. Kinda kick myself now!

    • Looking back, I kinda wish I could have done and experienced an OE too. 🙂 Just trying to experience things and travel as much as I can now. Cheers!

  5. Oy – the pictures! I have a friend who has a bunch of great pics from his adventures, and I’m so jealous! I gave up trying to capture moments in a box, but looking back, I see that even that little window can be a great keepsake. One day, I expect I’ll find a suitable balance 🙂

    • I take a lot of pictures, but will find a balance, as to make sure to experience the moment and the place that I’m at. 🙂

  6. I usually try and concentrate on the positive aspects of a trip; however, reflection into past travel failures help you become more focused for future success.

    • Me too, but sometimes my mind wanders over to the what if. I agree that you can just learn from things you didn’t do, things you forgot to see, etc. and it will make your next trip there or anywhere in general that must better. 🙂

  7. I also regret not taking as many photos as I could without ruining my travel experience. Good list! 🙂

  8. This is such an interesting way to look at travel. I also have some travel regrets but take faith in knowing, I’ll do better next time : ) Thank You for stopping by my blog this morning, too!


  9. Thanks for reading Savvy Citizen on! I appreciate the interest.
    I really relate to your gripe about photos. I am always scrambling looking for a really specific photo, and that’s always when my memory card was full or my battery died. Yikes!

    • Can relate to the memory card being full or battery dying. Of course it happens when I forgot or don’t have a backup! No problem on the reading. Thank you for coming to checkout my blog as well! 🙂

  10. Several years ago I spent time in Arizona near a hot air balloon launch site. Always wanted to take a hot air balloon ride, but never seemed to get it on my schedule. It is still on my bucket list!

    • A hot air balloon ride is still on my bucket list too! Thinking San Francisco, Napa Valley or from one to the other if possible. 🙂

  11. I love this question. I have plenty of small travel regrets but this is my biggest: When I was in my early 20s, my friend Mel and I decided to spend a couple of months traveling in India. After working hard to make it happen: getting shots, saving money, planning our travel itinerary, etc, I met a boy and ended up pushing back our leave date by a couple of months…during which time Mel moved back to Canada and started forestry school. We vowed we would go as soon as she was done, but of course life got in the way and we never did. She was the prefect travel partner, and though I still plan to go someday I know it would be a very different kind of trip (especially now that I a have a kid and am a more cautious). I have always regretted not going then. 😦

    • Thank you so much for sharing your story. I do hope you have a chance to get to India someday! I heard it’s beautiful. I have trips too that for one reason or another didn’t happen. 😦 I look back with some regret, but at the same time I’m looking forward to the next chance of travel. 🙂

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