Photo of the Week: Put-in-Bay Straight Across Lake Erie.

A day trip brought me to Port Clinton, Ohio and the surrounding area hanging out along Lake Erie. I stopped at the Miller Boat Line where ferries take passengers to and from Put-In-Bay on the South Bass Island, which is straight ahead, along with the vast waters of one of the Great Lakes.

Put-in-Bay, Lake Erie from Port Clinton, Ohio

4 responses to “Photo of the Week: Put-in-Bay Straight Across Lake Erie.

  1. A couple of years ago I was planning an extended weekend along Lake Erie that would include four adults and three kids. I was looking at Put in Bay but kept reading about how it’s a party island. I’d still like to visit, but we ended up going east of Cleveland instead and Ashtabula County.

    • I’ve had friends that have gone. I’ve heard that too. Lot’s of great Lake Erie scenery too I can imagine. Lots of time along the coast in Ohio, but haven’t been on any of the islands yet. Took the Lake Erie Ohio Coastal trail across the state awhile back and passed through Ashtabula, great ride!

  2. Great image! I love that area of Ohio. I venture upto Marblehead all the time.

    • Thanks Mike! A great ride all along the coast there. Love all the scenic vantage points. The Marblehead Lighthouse and park are beautiful. πŸ™‚

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