Lake Erie: A Park Bench Here, There and Everywhere.

I was on a Ohio day trip along Lake Erie enjoying being out on the open road along water. Something kept catching the eye at every turn? Park benches! It doesn’t seem to matter where they sit, the area around them is beautiful and today was no exception.

I first came across this one where the Portage River flows into Lake Erie. Looking to the right you can see the Great Lake and to your left, as pictured here, downtown Port Clinton. It was early in the day so lots of boats were heading out.

Ohio, park bench, Lake Erie

Within Catawba Island State Park a park bench sits evenly between two trees with Lake Erie straight ahead. Thank goodness no one was ruining the view I had by sitting at the picnic tables haha.

Ohio, park bench, Lake Erie

Around the docks within the same state park, provided an unobstructed view out to the west. Just the park bench, you and the blue sky and Lake Erie waters.

Ohio, park bench, Lake Erie

In East Harbor State Park in Marblehead you’re facing east now at the same beautiful Lake Erie and shoreline.

Ohio, park bench, Lake Erie

One thing about the park benches facing Lake Erie or any water, you can’t grab shot of you with it as a back drop. That’s why it’s good sometimes to see park benches facing away like this one out at Marblehead Lighthouse State Park and…

Ohio, park bench, Lake Erie

…another there was facing the famous lighthouse itself.

Ohio, park bench, Lake Erie

Along Jackson Street Pier in Sandusky provided a glimpse of this Great Lake, looking straight north. Got the reminder not to feed the birds or pigeons. There were a lot along the shoreline today. πŸ™‚

Ohio, park bench, Lake Erie

It was a great day trip navigating along this part of the Lake Erie shoreline in Ohio. I found myself some scenic places to rest and capture the scene on park benches. Well time to get off the bench and back out onto the open road!

What is your favorite scene that you’ve checked out from the comforts of a park bench? What keeps catching your eye in your travels that you love capturing?

11 responses to “Lake Erie: A Park Bench Here, There and Everywhere.

  1. I just visited Catawba and East Harbor last weekend. I skipped Marblehead this time though. It’s such a great area to photograph.

    I love your idea to photograph park benches! Pretty cool theme.

    And great images too!

    • Thank you Mike! Such a beautiful part of Ohio. Couldn’t put the camera down anywhere along the water. Need to checkout the islands next time that way. πŸ™‚

  2. Love the benches especially the one near the lighthouse.


    • That’s a favorite too. You can see the park, water and lighthouse all at once! There is just something about park benches alongside water.

  3. I guess I don’t often sit on a park bench but two distinct memories are looking out to the Statue of Liberty and at the squirrel on my backpack next to me while sitting in Battery Park, and coastal views complete with harbour and dinky fishing boats in St Andrews, Scotland.

    • Those are great spots to be on a park bench, must have been beautiful! Every time I try to capture a squirrel up close, they bolt before I can get the shot haha. πŸ™‚

  4. Love this take ~ Where to catch the view of Lake Erie and take time to be in the ‘Now’. Thanks for the post + you’ve a standing invite to Put-in-Bay.

    • Thanks Julene, Hope to checkout more park benches and coastline soon. Will let you guys know when plan to ferry over to Put-in-Bay! πŸ™‚

  5. I’m from Ohio, but I never made it up to Lake Erie when I lived there. Now Superior is the Great Lake closest to home for me, but I can here see that Erie is just as pretty. Thanks for the lovely photos and words!

    • No problem Betsy, it’s a beautiful part of Ohio. Hope you can check out Lake Erie sometime. Heard amazing things about Lake Superior, need to make it up there.

  6. I do love lighthouse shots . . . and that bench really makes this shot work.

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