#ElCafeDe2013 Coffee tip of the week: When it’s Hot, it’s ok to go Cold.

It was TBEX weekend recently in Toronto and it was hot-and-humid, around thirty degrees Celsius. I was walking with Karla of Travellersoul76 when we escaped the heat to go inside the highly recommended Dark Horse Coffee in Chinatown. Once inside, it got me thinking about my last coffee tip, Drink it Straight! After thinking about it…

Dark Horse Coffee, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Tip #10: …when it is hot outside, it is ok to get a cold coffee drink.

Even if your going to a place for the first time, if it’s hot outside and your craving a coffee/caffeinated beverage, the last thing you want is something hot. We got Iced Americanos which were delicious and they definitely hit the spot. I consumed it fast because of the heat and also to enjoy all of the coffee before the iced cubes started diluting it haha.

Dark Horse Coffee, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

There was a lot more exploration of the Toronto coffee scene that weekend. Stay tuned! 🙂

4 responses to “#ElCafeDe2013 Coffee tip of the week: When it’s Hot, it’s ok to go Cold.

  1. Why I am reading this pre-coffee?? I need to check this place out next time I’m in TO. 🙂 Glad you got to get caffeinated with Karla!!

    • Great coffee and place to get some work done. Hope you do make. Good times with Karla staying caffeinated in 2013!

  2. Oh I can’t believe I didn’t read this post before (gee, I need more Café)

    That was such an awesome place & loved how friendly customers and staff were.

    So have to go back.

    Seriously, just looking at the plastic cup is making me salivate lol

    TY for sharing, that was a fun day 🙂

    • Everyone was really nice inside! I better not look at it right now or I will get thirsty. Will definitely be on the radar for the next TO coffee tour.

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