Photo of the Week: A Romantic Park Bench Chi-town Style!

During a walk from Oak Street Beach and the lake shore to Grant Park in Chicago recently I came across Lake Shore Park on E. Chicago Avenue. I gravitated to the park bench in front of me to soak in a little of Chi-town. The park, a baseball diamond and a staple of the skyline, John Hancock Center, all straight ahead!

Lake Shore Park, Chicago, John Hancock Center

8 responses to “Photo of the Week: A Romantic Park Bench Chi-town Style!

  1. I used to play softball in Grant Park. Great place to have fun and watch night descend on the amazing skyline.

    • My camera is always out when wandering Grant Park day-or-night, so much of Chicago to capture. πŸ™‚ What a great spot for a game!

  2. Very cool shot! How come I’ve missed this spot?

  3. I was in Chicago too the 26th-28th! Thanks for hitting me up!!!

  4. Great stuff! Did you know that hancock Observatory had changed their website to Kindly adjust it for better direction.

    It’s a great place and glass floor was my favorite.

    • That’s right. Was just up-top that building a couple of weeks ago checking out the Tilit! Good stuff. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the tip!

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