#ElCafeDe2013: The Coffee Of Toronto.

Toronto has a thriving coffee scene. Independent coffee shops are popping up all over town. During my time there this year I had the chance to explore and consume lot’s of coffee in Canada’s biggest city.

While on a run through the Kensington Market neighborhood one morning I randomly came across Jimmy’s Coffee on Baldwin Street. The arrow on the welcome sign pointing inside was no factor in me going in. The world coffee was all I needed to see. πŸ™‚

Upon entering I immediately noticed Jimmy this and Jimmy that. They have artwork, pictures and more throughout the coffee shop of Jimmy Hendrix, Carrey, Dean, Morrison, Carter, Hoffa and more. Even the coffee beans they sell are named after famous Jimmy’s.

Jimmy's Coffee, Toronto, coffee shop

They serve locally roasted coffee along with cupcakes, croissants, macaroons and other pastries all coming from local bakeries. My coffee of choice was a basic latte. I enjoyed it amongst bookcases filled with old-school books and encyclopedias. The place had an industrial, homey feel to it.

Jimmy's Coffee, Toronto, coffee shop

Kensington Market is their second location to the original in Downtown which opened in 2009. I went outside to the patio to get a closer look at the Jimmy mural.

Jimmy's Coffee, Toronto, coffee shop

I met up with Pola of Jetting Around, another coffee lover, to hit up La Gourmand CafΓ©. The upscale bakery sits on the outskirts of the Downtown Core in the Entertainment District on Spadina Avenue. They serve gourmet, in-house made pastries, lunch and brunch and have a good coffee selection.

It was the heat of the day when we were there so I went with an iced latte. πŸ™‚ We hung out and chatted for a bit amongst the French cafe dΓ©cor and atmosphere.

Le Gourmand Cafe, Toronto, bakery, coffee shop

The stack of newspapers at the entrance made me think of Sunday morning. This would be a great place to come with my Dad or solo and read the paper to breakfast and some hot coffee. πŸ™‚

Le Gourmand Cafe, Toronto, bakery, coffee shop

Pola and I also randomly found and went into Fahrenheit Coffee on Lombard Street in Corktown and the Downtown Core.

Fahrenheit Coffee, Toronto, coffee shop

We walked into the coffee shop and espresso bar and engaged with the friendly and passionate baristas. They knew their coffee and we started talking about the popular places and brands in the states. We sat on some bar stools at this small coffee shop off the beaten path. They have wi-fi but can’t see it as a place to work all day but to grab a coffee to-go, check e-mail quickly or to hangout with a friend as Pola and I did enjoying our coffees and pastries.

Fahrenheit Coffee, Toronto, coffee shop

I ordered an iced latte from here too. They use locally roasted coffee beans from Te Aro, customized specifically for them.

Fahrenheit Coffee, Toronto, coffee shop

Checkout the time I have also spent at Moonbean Coffee Company and Dark Horse Coffee in Toronto.

Follow Pola as she is always Jetting Around, having coffee every step along the way.

This year was a great introduction to the Toronto coffee scene. What other coffee shops in Toronto would you recommend checking out?

12 responses to “#ElCafeDe2013: The Coffee Of Toronto.

  1. How did I miss Jimmy’s? I’ll have to be sure to visit it the next time I’m in Toronto.

    • Yes yes a must! A great stop when hanging around the market. Need to checkout the downtown location next time I’m there. πŸ™‚

  2. Toronto is indeed a great coffee town! Glad we got to check out a couple of spots. Those baristas at Fahrenheit were so much fun to talk to.

    Thanks for tagging me in the post. Here’s to more coffee outings! πŸ™‚

    • Your welcome, glad we got to checkout some of the Toronto coffee scene. Yeah they will cool and very knowledgeable. The best places are sometimes the ones you go to randomly. πŸ™‚ Too more coffee outings indeed!

  3. Ah the coffee culture in Toronto is so awesome!

    I honestly didn’t notice Jimmy Coffee in Kensington Market but will keep an eye next time.

    Same goes for La Gourmand & Fahrenheit.

    More time was necessary but we sure had a great iced americano at The Dark Horse remember?

    Now I’m thirsty πŸ˜‰

    Keep El CafΓ© de 2013 going strong, a few weeks left!

  4. Great tour of my home town’s coffee shops. As you probably noticed, Toronto has a coffee shop on every corner, but it’s fun to find interesting ones. I actually like the coffee and the ambiance in the Marche in BCE Place, but my favourite is Balzac’s in the Distillery District. Set in one of the old distillery buildings, it’s like a scene out of old Paris, and it has a great balcony inside where you can look down at the scene below.

    • Thank you! I did notice, that’s a great thing. Have heard lots of cool things about your guys coffee scene. I was in the Distillery District I don’t know how I missed it. Will have to check out those spots next time I am in Toronto. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love this… And love local coffee shops. I search them out everywhere I go. Some unique things about Alaskans and coffee: (1) there at quite a few coffee companies roasting their own beans. (2) there are many many drive thru only coffee huts. I love this – very much.

    Makes me think I should do up a similar blog of my fav spots…mmm. Thanks for the share.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and my coffee post. http://sightingsofthesubtle.wordpress.com/2013/12/17/advent-portafilter-joy/

    Toronto is home for me. Allow me recommend a personal favourite? The Common : http://www.blogto.com/cafes/common-bloor-toronto That is where I first learned about the beauty of the bottomless portafilter. Crema anyone?

    • No problem, thanks for coming to checkout mine as well! Toronto, cool beans. Great coffee scene you guys have. Thanks for the recommendation, will have to checkout the The Common (Bloor) next time in TO.

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