#ElCafeDe2013: The Coffee of Ann Arbor.

I’ve had lots of coffee in the big city. I’ve had java experiences in small-towns, suburbia and the sticks. More recently though I’ve taken a liking to having coffee in a college town. Ann Arbor in southeastern lower Michigan is home to the prestigious University of Michigan and a thriving independent coffee shop scene.

Your bound to find lots of locals, MacBooks, students and coffee lovers at each. Well without further ado:

Mighty Good Coffee
Right in the heart of town on Main Street, I’ve been known to hang out in the main room there and crank out some work while enjoying a Brown Sugar Sea Salt Latte or two. It’s a bright, open and spacious atmosphere. At the same time towards the back and at right at the entrance there are tables more conducive for conversation and hanging out. The coffee by the way is indeed “Mighty Good!”. Tip: All the lattes, even a basic one are worth a look.

Mighty Good Coffee, Brown Sugar Sea Salt Latte, Ann Arbor

Comet Coffee
This hidden gem, tucked away in the scenic Nickels Arcade caught the eye when I saw they serve Ritual Coffee. I went with a basic latte made with the San Francisco-based coffee beans. It’s in a small space and the latte or coffee drink you’ll get will be smaller than your used too, but worth every penny. The baristas are friendly and extremely knowledgable. They were excited when I told them the coffee hit the spot. Tip: Stay for a few minutes and sit on their outside seating within the arcade and people watch!

Comet Coffee, Latte, Ann Arbor

Comet Coffee, Latte, Ann Arbor

Right on Liberty Street, near the well-known Michigan Theater, is this non-assuming coffee spot. On the way there I actually walked right by it. Once inside I immediately noticed the deserts, rotating yogurt bar and the care they take in handcrafting each individual coffee. From their small coffee menu, I went with a Blue Bottle Roast (another San Francisco-based coffee, score) Bell Donovan Blend pour over.

lab cafe, pour over, Ann Arbor Michigan coffee

I sat on a bar stool alongside, soaking in the urban atmosphere. They set up the space with the point of promoting interaction amongst their customers. I wound up staying a lot longer, striking up a length conversation with another visitor. Tip: Visit more than once to experience some of the best coffee around from Anthology, Handsome Coffee, Intelligentsia, Madcap and more as their menu changes frequently.

lab coffee, Ann Arbor coffee shop pour over

Well it’s time to get back out on the open road to more coffee delicious in Ann Arbor! ๐Ÿ™‚

Are there any college towns you would recommend coffee shop hopping in?

Checkout the coffee and breakfast experience I had at Zingerman’s Roadhouse in Ann Arbor.

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