Chicago: A Grant Park Skyline Walk.

When in the big city, I’m always looking for that next skyline shot. Chicago is no exception. One my favorite places to go for a walk and capture the Windy City is from Grant Park. On my most recent walk through the park I hopped off Michigan Avenue onto E. Balboa Avenue. The skyline was already in plain site as I walked over the train tracks coming and going from Chicago Union Station.

Grant Park, Chicago, skyline

Can you see the Sears, I mean Willis, Tower peeking out from behind?! πŸ™‚

Grant Park, Chicago, skyline

After crossing the bridge I turned and headed north on S. Columbus Drive.

Grant Park, Chicago, skyline

I started playing peekaboo with Willis Tower, as it was coming in-and-out of view along with the rest of the skyline from behind the trees.

Grant Park, Chicago, skyline

Nothing like seeing a baseball field in summer right in the heart of a city.

Grant Park, Chicago, skyline

The taller trees soon became shorter opening things up. There you are Chicago. It was a cold winter and Spring in the Midwestern United States, but everything is green, in full bloom and beautiful now.

Grant Park, Chicago, skyline

Grant Park, Chicago, skyline

Love and marriage, love and marriage. Go together like a horse and carriage. Walking further along S. Columbus Drive. you’ll come up to Buckingham Fountain on your right (at E. Congress Parkway) which many will recognize from the title sequence of the television series Married with Children. The fountain marks the center of Grant Park and is one of the largest you’ll find anywhere, providing wide open panoramic skyline views.

Grant Park, Chicago, skyline, Buckingham Fountain

Grant Park, Chicago, skyline, Buckingham Fountain

Grant Park, Chicago, skyline, Buckingham Fountain

It’s time to lay down on the brick walkway, relax and soak in all the tall buildings.

Grant Park, Chicago, skyline, Buckingham Fountain

I went back to the peekaboo continuing north past Butler Field until I reached E. Monroe Street and Millennium Park. It was a short, but nice summer day stroll through Grant Park checking out the high-rises of Chi-town.

Grant Park, Chicago, skyline, Buckingham Fountain

Checkout my previous post, Chicago: The Agora Sculptures of Grant Park, for more Chicago skyline walking fun within Grant Park. You’ll see some pretty cool and interesting sculptures too.

What city parks have you walked in in your travels or around home that provide great skyline views?

4 responses to “Chicago: A Grant Park Skyline Walk.

  1. When it comes to architecture, Chicago has the most beautiful skyline in the US in my opinion. I sometimes have to pinch myself that I get to see all that whenever I want. πŸ™‚ You found some great spots for pics. Glad you enjoyed yourself in Chi!

    • It’s hard to argue with that. I’m always looking up whenever walking around the heart of the city. One great picture opportunity after another Thanks, Grant Park is a favorite to capture the city from. πŸ™‚

  2. I was just admiring the skyline yesterday while canoeing up the Chicago River from the south. Great way to see the city.

    • Very cool Ted. Enjoyed the skyline from the river boat tour we all went on a couple of years back. Hope to get onto the Chicago River sometime again soon. πŸ™‚

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