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Photo of the Week: Chicago Skyline from Lake Michigan.

The Chicago skyline as seen from Lake Michigan at sunset. Absolutely stunning! Was on the open water on a yacht. The gathering was sponsored by Akamai Technologies during the Internet Retailer Conference. I’m not just a traveler, I’m also an Internet, web design and social media geek.

That was my first taste of seeing the city and skyline from the lake and being at sunset just made it all that more remarkable. Captured part of the yacht for effect and also the flash off my camera makes it look like there is a UFO right over the city haha. 🙂

Chicago skyline from Lake Michigan.

Have you ever been out on Lake Michigan in Chicago? What are your favorite cities to see from the water?

Chicago: An Architectural Riverboat Tour.

During the Windy City Tweetup we went on the 75-Minute Chicago River Architecture Tour by Wendella Boat Tours. We got a great deal through a Groupon which included a free beverage. Thanks Francesca of The Working Mom’s Travels for the great idea.

Chicago River - River boat tour - Wendella Boat Tours

It was a cloudy day with off-and-on rain as we hung out along Michigan Avenue waiting to hit up the Chicago River.

Chicago River - River boat tour - Wendella Boat Tours

As soon as you got on the boat, the great views were right in front of you. Some of my first shots of the skyline and historic buildings. The building prominent in the first photo is the Crain Communications Building, also known as the London Guarantee or Stone Container Building. I love the curvature of the 1920’s built structure.

Chicago River - River boat tour - skyline - building architecture

Chicago River - River boat tour - skyline - building architecture

The Windy City Tweetup gang chilling on the lower deck. Some are looking at photographs taken. Others are mingling. Great times.

Chicago River - River boat tour - Windy City gang chilling

We took advantage of Chicago’s own Goose Island Honkers Ale being available on-board. Out on the open water!

Chicago River - River boat tour - Windy City gang chilling

As the boat proceeded down the river, the tour guide described the buildings we passed with some historical and architectural background information. This is the Civic Opera Building. It has an art deco interior and was built-in 1929. It’s the second-largest opera auditorium in North America. It’s amazing how Chicago has been built up since the Great Chicago Fire in the later 1800’s.

Chicago River - River boat tour - historic buildings - architecture

We passed under bridge after bridge. The Clark Street Bridge in one form or another has gone over the river since 1853.

Chicago River - River boat tour - bridges

I’ve taken a liking to capturing the American flag. One resided on the back of the riverboat.

Chicago River - River boat tour - American flag

Chicago River - River boat tour - American flag

Some more skyline photos out on the open water. The vantage points to get Chicago skyline shots seems to be endless. 🙂

Chicago River - River boat tour - skyline

Chicago River - River boat tour - skyline

Passed by and saw lots of other tour riverboats.

Chicago River - River boat tour - skyline

Great times on the Chicago River. The rain was actually a nice touch during the tour and the rest of the day in the city. Checkout Wendella Boat Tours for more information on the architecture and other tours they provide.

Have you ever been on a riverboat tour in Chicago? What riverboat tours in other cities would you recommend?

Photo(s) of the Week: An Exchequer Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago.

More Chicago fun this past weekend at the Windy City Tweetup, so that meant another opportunity at some deep-dish pizza. Off the beaten path and not as well-known as others, but the deep-dish pizza at Exchequer Restaurant & Pub was outstanding.

If your ever visiting “The Bean” and Millennium Park, checking out the eastern terminus of Route 66, are at the Chicago Institute of Art, all of which are nearby or are just looking for another great pizza, make the quick stroll over to Exchequer Restaurant & Pub. They were very excited to hear that travel bloggers were coming to their place. Checkout that cheese!

Chicago - deep dish pizza - Exchequer Restaurant & Pub

Chicago - deep dish pizza - Exchequer Restaurant & Pub

An epic day in Detroit. Part II.

Last Saturday in the afternoon started with a photowalk through downtown Detroit. Great pictures, great weather, great friends, passion for the city and a story being told. This would have made for an epic day in and of itself. It just happens that later on this night, the Epic Tweetup Party took place.

This party came about as a result of the Detroit SXSW team winning Chevrolet’s SXSW Road Trip Challenge. The few days that Brandon, Henry, Audrey and Dave were on the road, all of us were following, messaging, tweeting and showing our support for them and Detroit. We won. We won. Time to move on and wait for the party. Not quite. It didn’t stop there. The competition had ended yet people kept following, messaging, tweeting, retweeting, showing constant support and now blogging about it like crazy. Why? Passion.
#epictweetup karaoke singing

Detroit is showing the world that it is a place to be reckoned with. The passion was certainly on display that week and as well on this night. Sure there were a few drinks consumed and some awesome karaoke singing, but if you looked closer you saw the connections being made, people hanging out with friends and making new ones, people exchanging ideas perhaps leading to even more new ventures and everyone sharing in their passion for this city, state and region.
#epictweetup party

The party has been done for almost two weeks now and yet unsurprisingly if you do a Twitter search for #epictweetup there are still conversations going on, pictures being posted, stories being told like this one and people are making things happen.

The events just keep coming too. Upcoming are #140conf Detroit, Brand Camp ’10 and TEDxDetroit just to name a few.

A week ago Saturday was indeed an epic day in Detroit. As you can see there will be many more. Check out what is happening here. You will be more than pleasantly surprised. Take a look at all the great party photos posted by everyone.