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Little Man is Now Chasing the Coffee, Coffee and Coffee

2017 is in full swing. I’m still trying to put my arms around the fact that my son is almost one already. Where has the time gone?! It seems like yesterday I was Introducing Travel and Coffee, Coffee and Coffee to Someone. We have visited numerous shops, though confined to just Michigan. He smells the home brewing pretty much continuously.

The little man still heads with me to the coffee shop in his car seat, though now with his eyes always open. He loves looking at Biggby Coffee. Graduation to the next car seat, thus I having to carry him in is upcoming in the weeks ahead.

Son smiling at the Biggby Coffee

I’d also like to think he is crawling towards and chasing the cup now because it is filled with coffee deliciousness. ☕☕☕

Son heading towards the coffee

Son crawling towards the coffee

This year will bring the two of us walking into coffee shops together and further away ventures. I look forward to him being more inquisitive as to what the coffee cups and drinks are. I’m sure he will get into anything and everything at the coffee shop as he is now doing at home ha-ha. Still hoping for that first word outside of dada and mama to be coffee!

To all of the coffee adventures that lie ahead. We hope to see you out on the open coffee shop road.

Introducing Travel and Coffee, Coffee and Coffee To Someone

2016 has indeed brought a little traveler and future coffee drinker into the world. Well at least he is smelling the coffee. Give it time haha.

The father and son time “Out on the Open Road” has begun. Shorter trips to start, taking him on weekend morning trips to semi-local coffee shops. Got to venture a little bit! Little Cruz Man (one of his many names) and I are enjoying the sights, smells, sounds and quality time at the coffee shop. Pictured here is our recent venture to Lafayette Corner Cafe in downtown South Lyon, Michigan. Lots of latte deliciousness. He was awake shortly after this shot so got the chance to soak everything in. 🙂

Family travel and family coffee, kid travel

To different but new and wonderful coffee adventures ahead! We hope to see you out on the open coffee shop trail.