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Bonus Photo of the Week: The Allegheny River in Pittsburgh.

Another pic to share this week is from along the Allegheny River and 16th Street Bridge on the North Shore trail on a chilly Autumn day in Pittsburgh.

Captured during a run, on one of the Three Rivers Heritage Trails that follow along the rivers in Pittsburgh. Lots of photo taking capturing the Fall colors and everything along the riverfront.

The 16th Street Bridge, an arch bridge, is one of the more popular in the city connecting North Shore with the well-known Strip District. Love the reflection of the bridge off the water.

Allegheny River in Pittsburgh

An epic day in Detroit. Part I.

There was something different in the air this past Saturday. It wasn’t a day to sleep in, a day to rest or a day to run errands. It was a day to celebrate what Detroit is all about, contrary to what you hear in various media.

The day started with a photowalk through downtown Detroit. What is a photowalk you ask? From my brief time being a part of Photowalks Detroit it’s a group of people who loves photography, loves exploring and taking pictures of things they find interesting, has fun with the group and in the end all the pictures are put together online to form a story. What a great way to show what downtown Detroit has to offer!
Monroe St., Greektown, Detroit

Passion. What I think helps make this group standout is their passion for Detroit, Michigan and the Midwest. On this afternoon walk, in absolutely perfect weather, you could see it in the faces of everyone, the pride everyone was showing as we walked through the city starting in Greektown at the corner of Monroe St. and St. Antoine St. right outside the Greektown Casino.

We walked down the main drag of Greektown passing by many great restaurants, Pizza Papalis, Pegasus Taverna and Red Smoke Barbeque to name a few. We saw a bride in a horse and carriage and some of the wedding party showing up in a cable car like you would see in San Francisco. We migrated down Monroe St. until we reached the famous Woodward Avenue and Campus Martius Park. There we saw another wedding party having their pictures taken with live music, a fountain, great food, lot’s of greenery and a lot of people just hanging out and having fun.
Spirit of Detroit

Heading towards the riverfront, now on Woodward Ave. we passed by Foran’s Grand Trunk Pub an amazing place to get breakfast and by the Spirit of Detroit. The Spirit of Detroit is a symbol of the Detroit community and you will usually see it decked out in various sports jerseys during playoff time. Passion. It always comes back to that. I think when the jerseys are on the statue, it symbolizes the passion that Detroit has for all of it’s sports teams. This is a main tourist spot and today was no exception.
Hart Plaza, Riverfront Detroit

We reached the end of Woodward Ave. at Jefferson Ave. winding up in Hart Plaza and the Detroit River Walk (riverfront) and guess what another wedding party. Hart Plaza is a place where festivals, relays, sports teams victory celebrations and lots of other events take place. While at the Detroit Riverfront we saw people biking, skating, relaxing on the grass, kids running through sprinklers and lot’s of people taking photographs of both Detroit and Windsor, Ontario, Canada which sits on the other side of the Detroit River. I was definitely in my element with lots of water photo opportunities. We took part in the relaxing on the grass.
Renaissance Center, Detroit River

We walked some of the riverfront to the end of our journey in the Renaissance Center, the most recognizable part of the Detroit skyline. The Renaissance Center is the world headquarters for General Motors. What a photowalk! It was time to grab something to eat.

After grabbing some food at Niki’s Pizza in Greektown (get there if you love square deep dish pizza), it was time to head towards the second part of the epic day, the Epic Tweetup party. What is that? I’ll talk about this great event soon. For a preview checkout the Twitter hashtag #epictweetup and all these great pictures taken by everyone.

Checkout my photos and the story I try to tell from the photowalk. What is happening here? The people, the passion, outdoor activities, the riverfront, great restaurants, historical landmarks, downtown Detroit has something for everyone. It is a place you want to get to.

The First Detroit Mural Photo Walk

I’ve spent a lot of time in Detroit, but have not had many chances to dive deeper into all the great treasures of the city. On Saturday, I took part in the first Detroit Mural Photo Walk organized by David Lingholm. I was amazed at the different murals we saw from Techtown and the North End, to the Woodbridge neighborhood and Mexicantown and the stories and passion behind each one. As with all art and expression, it’s amazing to see how each piece touches people so differently.
The Water Cycle mural - Detroit

With my love for geography and the weather, one that touched me was “The Water Cycle” mural by Marianne Audrey Burrows. It showcases Detroit and Windsor with water coming off (as vapors) and down (as rain) into the Detroit River. The use of the blue colors to depict the clouds, sky and water, made me as speechless, as any great weather art piece could.
Recycle Here - Detroit

We even had the chance to see a mural in the making as an artist was in creation mode at Recycle Here!

A stop in Mexicantown made for a great end of the day, as the stories and conversation continued to flow amongst new friends, with great food and drinks at Los Galanes.

Check out all my photos from the photo walk.

Checkout David Lingholm’s thoughts on this great journey in Mural walk brings metro Detroiters together.. Also check out some of the other stories and photos from Mike Han, Amy K. Senese, Angela Watts and Drew Wright. Already looking forward to the next one.