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The 2016 Coffee Moment(s) for Me.

Happy Holidays to all! Another caffeinated year is in the books. 2016 brought more memorable coffees and coffee shop experiences. Lots of lattes, pour overs, nitro brews and cold brew coffees were consumed from all around Michigan, Chicago and Ohio. Some of these were enjoyed alongside my son and first child, who was born this year. 🙂

The year ib coffee is highlighted in a short video snippet. The background song is the appropriately named “Coffee Shop” by Gorilla Zoe. The cover photo is a Military Latte from Sawada Coffee in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood. I would easily say this is my favorite coffee drink and moment of the year.

Too many more coffees in the new year! Hope to see you all out on the caffeinated open road. Aaron 🙂

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2016 Brings a Little Traveler & Future Coffee Drinker.

I hope everyone is having a great start to the New Year. Busy times here in Michigan taking photos and consuming coffee while continuing to roam and write for Awesome Mitten as well as writing another guest post for Pure Michigan.

The New Year has also brought getting ready for one of those milestone moments in life. My wife and I are expecting are first child in the coming weeks. Countless things to do to get ready!


2016 will bring a precious little future traveler and coffee drinker in this world. Travel and coffee shops will still have their place, I will just be more selective on the places and times I go. I have a never endless stream of coffee gadgets at home to keep me awake in those initial weeks and to experiment with. Don’t you worry! Before you know it, there will be family and father-son time “Out on the Open Road” and it will put a big smile on my face when I introduce my son to the coffee shop haha. 🙂


A great rest of the year lies ahead. I look forward to seeing what it brings in terms of coffee consumption, travel, writing, photography and most importantly my expanding family.

P.S. I’m not going to fill his baby bottle with coffee brew right away. We will phase that in.

See you “Out on the Open Road”.