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The 2018 Coffee Moment(s) for Me

Happy Holidays to all! 2018 is almost in the books. It’s been another coffee filled year. Shocking I know! I’ve enjoyed numerous coffees via the AeroPress, French Press and various pour over devices along with an endless number and variety of specialty lattes. That is just the tip of the iceberg.

Ann Arbor coffee in 2018, Michigan coffee experiences

My coffee experiences this year have been confined to mostly the Ann Arbor area in Michigan. Traveling has been infrequent as we got ready for and brought another little future coffee drinker into the world.

2018 in coffee is highlighted by the Pixgram Video below. The background song choice this year is “Waking Up” by Dexter Britain. How fitting since I tend to drink a lot of my coffee in the waking hours of the day!

The cover photo honor and most memorable moment this year goes to a summer experience I had at Comet Coffee. I took part in a Japanese iced coffee tasting as part of Ann Arbor’s first Caffeine Crawl. What a day bouncing between shops, mingling with shop owners, baristas and other fellow coffee lovers. It was also memorable because it increased my interest for learning about cold coffee. In fact you have to love any coffee experience at this shop because it sits right within the architecturally beautiful Nickels Arcade right across from the University of Michigan.

All of the coffee photos in the video came from my Coffee Ann Arbor Instagram account. The memorable experiences in this little part of the world for coffee lovers seems to be endless.

Too many more coffee moments in 2019! I look forward to seeing you all in Ann Arbor and beyond out on the caffeinated open road. Cheers! Aaron

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