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Photo of the Week: Reflecting on the Pittsburgh Skyline.

While I was running out on the open Three Rivers Riverfront Trail in Pittsburgh I took the time to stop along the Allegheny River and reflect on the skyline.

Pittsburgh skyline, Allegheny River, Three Rivers Riverfront Trail

Photo of the Week: Pittsburgh in Autumn.

There is no better place to be in the United States in Fall/Autumn then the Midwest and East Coast. Within those Pittsburgh, PA offers some wonderful scenic views with its rivers and hills. The shot is captured from the Riverfront Trail along the Allegheny River with the skyline and downtown Pittsburgh opposite. Beautiful! Well time to get back out on the open trail. ๐Ÿ™‚

Pittsburgh, Autumn, skyline, allegheny River

Bonus Photo of the Week: The Allegheny River in Pittsburgh.

Another pic to share this week is from along the Allegheny River and 16th Street Bridge on the North Shore trail on a chilly Autumn day in Pittsburgh.

Captured during a run, on one of the Three Rivers Heritage Trails that follow along the rivers in Pittsburgh. Lots of photo taking capturing the Fall colors and everything along the riverfront.

The 16th Street Bridge, an arch bridge, is one of the more popular in the city connecting North Shore with the well-known Strip District. Love the reflection of the bridge off the water.

Allegheny River in Pittsburgh