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Michigan: Frankenmuth Mac ‘n Brewed Beer.

The weekend before Christmas I stopped back into Frankenmuth Brewery right in the heart of the holiday friendly town of Frankenmuth, Michigan.

Frankenmuth Brewery, Michigan beer

The brewery was full of families and lots of holiday cheer. This year marks 150 since their opening in 1862, making it one of the oldest breweries in Michigan.

Frankenmuth Brewery, Michigan beer

Of course since I was at a brewery I was going to order beer. Which beer to get? How about eight different ones?!

Frankenmuth Brewery, Michigan beer

I ordered a beer flight which included eight beers, six of their old standbys and two seasonal. The two seasonal’s off to the far left were an Oktoberfest lager and a holiday ale. The next six from left to right, light to dark included:

  • Hefeweizen
  • American Blonde Ale
  • Frankenmuth Pilsener
  • Batch 69 American-Style India Pale Ale
  • Red Sky Ale
  • Munich Style Dunkel Lager

Frankenmuth Brewery, Michigan beer

I’m usually a fan of lighter beers, but I would say “Das Good Bier!” to all eight. ๐Ÿ™‚

Frankenmuth Brewery, Michigan beer

Frankenmuth Brewery, Michigan beer

Sitting at the bar, I got to see all the brewery tanks and equipment up close. I liked how they strategically placed the beers on the card, so I could learn about each one as I was drinking. I just missed out on the free brewery tours they give. Something for next time.

Frankenmuth Brewery, Michigan beer

Frankenmuth Brewery is not just for brewed beer and beer lovers. It’s a place for foodies. I had their steak mac ‘n cheese which made with elbow pasta and topped with four cheeses and bread crumbs yum.

Frankenmuth Brewery, Michigan beer, steak mac 'n cheese

Frankenmuth Brewery, Michigan beer, steak mac 'n cheese

It was a great break from the holiday shopping and photo capturing of the festive scene. Check out my time at Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland.

Check the breweries website and also their presence on Facebook and Twitter. On Twitter follow the appropriately named #DasGoodBier hashtag.

What breweries around home or in your travels have you come across that you would recommend?

Happy Hour After Work, I Mean Travel, in New Zealand.

After a long day working, I mean traveling around New Zealand, it’s Happy Hour time. What’s my go-to? The same as for many other tourists and locales, frites and aioli (a garlic mayonnaise).

Alongside is a Monteith’s beer to wash it down. You’ll find only Monteith’s beer on tap in a lot of locations in New Zealand. I went with their Original Ale in this shot.

Frites, aioli, New Zealand beer

Another day, more frites and aioli deliciousness.

Frites, aioli, New Zealand

When I’m not in the mood for beer, I go with my favorite of Monteith’s, their Crushed Pear Cider. I need them shipped to the states stat. ๐Ÿ™‚

Monteith's Pear Cider, New Zealand beer

A desert beverage at Happy Hour? Why not? Nothing like a good old iced chocolate to relax you. I won’t say how many of these, from how many different places I’ve had in NZ haha.

iced chocolate, New Zealand

On a chilly late afternoon, I’ll be on the lookout for kumara soup. Kumara is a Mฤori term, meaning sweet potato.

kumara soup, New Zealand

If you can’t make Happy Hour and need a meal on the go, head to the local dairy and get a meat pie and V Energy drink. Time for some steak & cheese meat pies. Who’s that guy with the camera reflecting off the sliding glass door. ๐Ÿ™‚

meat pies, New Zealand

What are your Happy Hour beverage and snacks of choice when in New Zealand? Australia?