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#ElCafeDe2013 Coffee tip of the week: Take Home A Bag.

You’re at the coffee shop and enjoying great, flavorful coffee like I was at Germack Coffee Roasting Company in the Eastern Market neighborhood of Detroit recently.

Germack Coffee, Eastern Market, Detroit, Michigan

Whether your around home or traveling you’ll want to experience the same cup of coffee again so you should…

Tip #5: …take home a bag of coffee beans or grounds.

Germack Coffee, Eastern Market, Detroit, Michigan

You never know when you’ll be back and you’ll have the chance to experience the same coffee deliciousness at home. In this case I also bought a bag to give to a friend to experience what I did. I sent a bag of Germack’s Guatemalan Antigua Panchoy to Karla of Traveller soul. ๐Ÿ™‚