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Happy Hour After Work, I Mean Travel, in New Zealand.

After a long day working, I mean traveling around New Zealand, it’s Happy Hour time. What’s my go-to? The same as for many other tourists and locales, frites and aioli (a garlic mayonnaise).

Alongside is a Monteith’s beer to wash it down. You’ll find only Monteith’s beer on tap in a lot of locations in New Zealand. I went with their Original Ale in this shot.

Frites, aioli, New Zealand beer

Another day, more frites and aioli deliciousness.

Frites, aioli, New Zealand

When I’m not in the mood for beer, I go with my favorite of Monteith’s, their Crushed Pear Cider. I need them shipped to the states stat. πŸ™‚

Monteith's Pear Cider, New Zealand beer

A desert beverage at Happy Hour? Why not? Nothing like a good old iced chocolate to relax you. I won’t say how many of these, from how many different places I’ve had in NZ haha.

iced chocolate, New Zealand

On a chilly late afternoon, I’ll be on the lookout for kumara soup. Kumara is a Māori term, meaning sweet potato.

kumara soup, New Zealand

If you can’t make Happy Hour and need a meal on the go, head to the local dairy and get a meat pie and V Energy drink. Time for some steak & cheese meat pies. Who’s that guy with the camera reflecting off the sliding glass door. πŸ™‚

meat pies, New Zealand

What are your Happy Hour beverage and snacks of choice when in New Zealand? Australia?

Photo of the Week: An Iced Chocolate in Sydney.

Sydney, Australia - Iced Chocolate

Spending time in Australia and New Zealand I’ve become hooked on iced chocolates. The one pictured above is from Sydney Cove Oyster Bar. Dining outside right in the heart of the city, your right by the Sydney Opera House and you have amazing views of the cove and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Chocolate and great scenery, what could be better?!

I’ve had iced chocolate drinks at various locales that were blended together to look like a milkshake, one solid color. What I like about this is you can taste each ingredient individually and together and it makes for a much better presentation.

What’s in an iced chocolate? Usually a combination of ice cream, milk, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and ice. You’ll find it offered everywhere in Australia and New Zealand, so there will be a lot more deliciousness in the future. Have you had an iced chocolate? If so where? Any secret home-made recipes you’re willing to share? πŸ™‚