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Lake Tekapo in New Zealand.

Driving along State Highway 8 in the middle of the South Island of New Zealand you’ll come across the southern end of Lake Tekapo and the village of the same name. The lake and village are a popular tourist destination with several resort hotel options.

Just off the highway and along the shoreline you’ll see a lot of people out of their cars. That means you’ll probably around the Church of the Good Shepherd.

Lake Tekapo - Church of the Good Shepherd - New Zealand

The small church was built-in 1935 and is made of stone and wood. It’s one of the most photographed buildings in New Zealand.

Lake Tekapo - Church of the Good Shepherd - New Zealand

Lake Tekapo - Church of the Good Shepherd - New Zealand

People will come here from around the globe to get married because of the romantic setting. Inside the church there is an altar window that gives off great views of the lake, the mountains (some snow-capped), the greenery along the shoreline and the turquoise waters and blue sky.

Walking behind the church, you’ll see the aforementioned romantic setting that is Lake Tekapo. You’ll see the Southern Alps and Mt. Cook range off in the distance.

Lake Tekapo - New Zealand

The turquoise waters of Lake Tekapo come from the rivers that flow into the lake from the north, coming in from the valleys of the Southern Alps fed by large melting glaciers.

Lake Tekapo - New Zealand

Lake Tekapo - New Zealand

Near the church there is a bronze statue of a New Zealand collie sheepdog which is looking out towards the lake. It’s a memorial to the hard-working collie dogs in the area. The farming, which dates back to the nineteenth century, of the countryside would have been unsuccessful without them.

Lake Tekapo - Bronze collie sheep dog - New Zealand

Lake Tekapo was definitely worth the stop. Another lake in New Zealand with an amazing backdrop. Whenever on the open road going between Christchurch and Queenstown or Mt. Cook make sure to stop here. What is your favorite lake back drop? What churches have you seen with beautiful, romantic outdoor settings around them?

#Blog4NZ – Traveling the South Island, New Zealand

New Zealand is the most beautiful place in the world. Great food, great people and amazing scenery that changes on a dime. You can see the rainforest, beaches, glaciers, snow-capped mountains, prairie and more with just a few hours of driving. I’m helping to support #Blog4NZ, an initiative by travel bloggers to help support tourism in New Zealand following the tragic earthquake in Christchurch. I recently went on an adventure around the South Island and here are some of the highlights, places I recommend visiting.

On the trip starting and ending in Christchurch, my sidekick and I drove, hiked, picked up travelers/hitchhikers (very common there), stayed in hostels, heated up instant mac ‘n cheese on a park bench in the rain and just soaked in all the scenery.

Church of the Good Shepherd - Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo. Church of the Good Shepherd. The church is right on the shores of the lake. The Southern Alps and snow-capped mountains make for an amazing back-drop. The church was built-in 1935. People from all over the world come here to get married with the romantic setting.

Aokaki - Mount Cook

Aokaki/Mount Cook. The highest peak in New Zealand, snow-capped of course. This is where Sir Edmund Hillary, a native, trained, prepping to climb Mount Everest. Hiking from the village where the hostel and hotel are, you reach Kea Point where you can get panoramic shots of several peaks simultaneously.


Queenstown. Known to a lot as the adventure (extreme sports) capital of the world. They’re also famous for there never-ending nightlife. Film crews come from all over the world to shoot scenes with the amazing backdrops around the lake. Music plays in the park along the water, along with lots of arts and crafts and people relaxing on the grass during the day. For wine lovers there are a lot of wineries in the region. Oh yeah, you gotta try a Fergburger, the best and biggest burger in New Zealand. I ate a little more than a third of mine. Don’t forget to get aioli when you get fries anywhere!

Lake Hawea

Wanaka, about an hour from Queenstown, is the perfect getaway if your into skiing in the winter months and water sports in the summer. It sits right on Lake Wanaka and is a very relaxing, small town. Lake Hawea, just northeast of Wanaka and shown above, is the most beautiful lake I’ve ever seen. The blue water, mountain and cliff backdrop, just amazing. It’s a place you could just sit and look at in awe forever.

Walking to Fox Glacier

Fox/Franz Glacier. Fox and Franz Glacier are two small towns on the West Coast home to glaciers of the same name. We did the walk to the 13km long Fox Glacier. It has advanced some recently, after mainly retreating for a long time. Didn’t get the best shot of it due to the heavy rain, but taking the 45-minute round trip walk made me really think I was in Lord of the Rings. It’s one of the easiest glaciers to get to in the world and it ends in a rainforest slightly above sea level which is rare.

Okanto Beach - Tasman Sea - West Coast

West Coast/Greymouth. Greymouth is the biggest town on the West Coast which is extremely remote. Take the drive between Wanaka and here to see rainforest and dozens of water falls along the way. Lot’s of remote, secluded beaches like Okanto beach along the Tasman Sea as well.

Check out the rest of the photos of my trip around the South Island. So many more great places to see and go to in New Zealand. I’ll be back there very soon. Hope to see you there!