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Photo of the Week: One Random New Zealand Shot…

Photo of the historic Royal Hotel Greymouth on the West Coast of New Zealand which dates back to 1876. Also, in the background is Countdown, a leading supermarket chain in the country. It’s not the beauty of the picture itself that makes me smile, but the memories.

A couple of years back my best friend and I during a South Island road trip stopped at that hotel and ate greasy food and watched the Packers-Steelers Super Bowl from the downstairs bar. We were the only ones in the bar. ๐Ÿ™‚ Many memories as well grocery shopping at Countdown, checking out all products not readily available at home. Banana milk anyone yum!

Greymouth, New Zealand, Royal Hotel Greymouth, Countdown supermarket

Who knew that one random New Zealand shot would conquer up some great memories and make me want to get back to New Zealand stat!

Capturing the Color of My Travels.

Thank you to Pola of Jetting Around for tagging me to take part in the TravelSupermarketโ€™s “Capture The Colour” photo contest. It’s a great way to look at and find photos you’ve taken that are dominated by a single color. Prizes are offered, but reliving travel memories is the biggest reward.


Capturing the Color Blue - California PCH

When I think blue, I immediately think of water and the sky. What better place to find both of ย these then the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) in California. A sunny day and the Pacific Ocean, what more can you ask for?! Photo was captured in southern California near Malibu.


Capturing the Color Green - Auckland, New Zealand

Just north of Auckland you’ll find lot’s of green in the hills of Shakespear Regional Park. A country feel right outside the city. When you run into lot’s of green in New Zealand chances are you’ll see lot’s of sheep too. Get a closer look at the greenery and sheep.


Capturing the Color Yellow - Ludington State Park, Michigan

That circular ball of yellow, the sun, goes below the horizon everyday to the West wherever you are at. Who doesn’t love a sunset? It’s even better when it’s over water, like this shot from Lake Michigan at Ludington State Park in Ludington, Michigan.


Capturing the Color White - Siesta Key Beach, Sarasota, Florida

The cool, white sand of Siesta Key Public Beach in Sarasota, Florida is the first thing that came to mind with this color. One of the more popular, well-known and award-winning beaches in the United States. This gem along the Gulf of Mexico is a must visit. Checkout Florida: Siesta Key Beach and Village.


Capturing the Color Red - Holland Lighthouse, Michigan, Big Red

Arguably the most well-known lighthouse along Lake Michigan in Michigan is “Big Red”, which sits opposite Holland State Park along the Holland Channel. Have always enjoying my time here no matter the season. Checkout Michigan: Holland State Park and the โ€œBig Redโ€ Lighthouse.

Now’s the fun part. I’d like to tag two fellow bloggers to take part in this great exercise. Your it!

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Melodies and Travel Memories.

Raul of I Live To Travel tagged me in a post involving music and the travel memories they bring. Lot’s of music has been played on road trips I’ve taken growing up and now. I always seem to associate songs with places I’ve been in especially California.

Top Gun Soundtrack.

The whole soundtrack really brings back memories, but I’ve played two songs more than others: Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins and Hot Summer Nights by Miami Sound Machine. There is nothing like being out on the open road on family trips over the years in California listening to these two beats. The movie taking place there and involving flying, which some family members have done in the Armed Forces makes it hit close to home.

It will be blasting from the car stereo next time I’m driving along the coast in Cali, which is sooner than you think. The songs tend to increase the speed limit one’s driving, gotta watch that. ๐Ÿ™‚

Top Gun - California

Clocks – Coldplay.

Years later, this was a song that was played a lot on the radio when on solo trips to the Bay Area and San Francisco. I’m going more with the sound and rhythm of the song when driving thereย and the title, not the lyrics themselves. In general I’ve always been fascinated with clocks whether it was sitting in a high chair staring at the stove clock for a long period of time or watching the clock when driving a lot calculating without GPS when Iโ€™ll get somewhere. I’m a nerd!

Nothing Else Matters – Metallica.

A family song when I have visited South Carolina. We’d hit the road along the coast to this song of choice and play it over and over again. A favorite to this day when traveling in the Deep South. Remember for that short period of time when your on a road trip, nothing else matters!

Policy of Truth –ย Depeche Mode.

Again nothing to do with the words themselves, just the beat and sound as I am driving. I’ve always been more into the sound then the words of songs. This song reminds me of the 401, Ontario and Toronto. I’ve frequented the 401 over the years and first the cassette tape and now the CD always makes its way into the player when in this part of Canada. I think I need to update the technology I’m using haha.

On the 401 in Ontario, Canada

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What songs, musicians, soundtracks bring back travel memories for you?