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#ElCafeDe2013 Coffee tip of the week: Give it a Kick!

I’ve previously talked about enhancing a coffee by Going Irish! If your looking for an addition to your coffee and the opportunity is there, there should be a more general rule of

Tip #15: …giving it a kick!

A favorite place to get a coffee with a kick for me is Koffie Cafe in the Ohio City neighborhood of Cleveland.

Koffie Cafe, Ohio City neighborhood, Cleveland

Koffie Cafe, Ohio City, Cleveland

There is a relaxing, friendly neighborhood atmosphere inside.

Koffie Cafe, Ohio City neighborhood, Cleveland

Koffie Cafe, Ohio City, Cleveland

It’s a great place to get some work done or hangout while exploring West Side Market and one of the oldest neighborhoods in Cleveland.

Koffie Cafe, Ohio City neighborhood, Cleveland

The last coffee with an addition I had there was a Kahlua & Coffee yum.

On a winter day during the holiday season a peppermint stick coffee with Bailey’s in a fancy mug definitely hits the spot.

Bailey's Coffee, Koffie Cafe, Cleveland, Ohio

For non-alcoholic coffee options, the Turtle Latte and Brown Sugar Cinnamon Latte are must gets. You could go the kick route with these and get extra espresso! ๐Ÿ™‚

Koffie Cafe, Ohio City, Cleveland

Next time you’re in a coffeehouse around home or in your travels consider getting a coffee with a kick.

Cleveland: West Side Market

Food lovers (Foodies) from all over the world flock to West Side Market in the historic Ohio City neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. West Side Market has been highlighted on both the Food Network and Travel Channel and has roots all the way back to 1840.

The market is open four days a week and my most recent trip there was this past Saturday. Saturday morning is the best time to go. There are more stands open and more people making it more vibrant inside and outside in the neighborhood. The market is not open on Sunday’s.

Cleveland - West Side Market - Ohio City neighborhood

The main part of the market is in an enclosed old yellow brick market house with a 137-foot clock tower that stands out in the whole neighborhood. It’s home to the best and an amazing variety of:

Cleveland - West Side Market - Ohio City neighborhood

Cheeses and dairy products.

Cleveland - West Side Market - cheeses

High quality meats, including of course lot’s of varieties of bacon!

Cleveland - West Side Market - bacon and meats

Fish, eels and lot’s of seafood.

Cleveland - West Side Market - eel, fish, seafood

Breads, desserts and other baked goods. Who can’t beat filled-to-order cannolis?

Cleveland - West Side Market - breads, baked goods

Cleveland - West Side Market - cannolis and desserts

Every kind of ravioli and pasta you can imagine. Pumpkin ravioli? I guess it is the season. I always check out Ohio City Pasta.

Cleveland - West Side Market - ravioli, pasta

Lot’s of oils, hot sauces, spices, candy and more can be found. Lot’s of people weren’t there to shop or sight-see, just to grab lunch or a snack. Some of them were upstairs eating gyros, sausage sandwiches, pastry treats or having a hot coffee. Great views of the market and people watching opportunities can be had upstairs.

Cleveland - West Side Market - Ohio City neighborhood

The arcade portion of the market, recently enclosed and right next store is home to vendor after vendor selling a wide variety of vegetables and fruits.

Cleveland - West Side Market - fruits and vegetables

Cleveland - West Side Market - vegetables

Cleveland - West Side Market - fruits

I always seem to gravitate towards the onions and garlic.

Cleveland - West Side Market - vegetables, onions, garlic

You’ll see lots of people throughout the market like myself with cameras out getting pictures of all the amazing products. No vendors have ever raised an issue about it. You’ll also see all the fruit and vegetable vendors reaching out to you trying to get you to buy from them, but you can’t really go wrong it terms of price with any of the stands. I always make sure to pick the specific tomatoes, onions, oranges, etc. that I want.

Cleveland - West Side Market - foodies, photography

As this is the holiday season, outside the market we saw holiday trees for sale, Santa Claus for the kids to see, a small arts and crafts market and even a line to get some of the Christmas Ale being brewed. You’ll find breweries, restaurants, book stores and other shops and my favorite spot, Koffee Cafe. Grabbed a peppermint stick coffee with Bailey’s. I wasn’t be able to take it outside haha, but it was well worth relaxing inside and getting out of the cold.

Cleveland - Ohio City Neighborhood

West Side Market is my favorite market. I love driving a few hours each way just to go there to people watch, have a coffee, soak in the city neighborhood atmosphere and bring back goodies to make some amazing meals. This is one market I hope you’ll get to someday.

Cleveland - West Side Market - Ohio City neighborhood

What do you like about West Side Market and the Ohio City neighborhood? What markets in the United States and around the world are must visits?