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Photo(s) of the Week: An Outside Airport Shot, Phoenix style.

I’ve had lots of layover time at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in Arizona over time. On my last few stops to Phoenix I’ve managed to capture the scene outside the airport. You know you’re in a great place when you can see mountains.

Phoenix, Arizona airport

There’s a storm a-brewin.

Phoenix, Arizona airport

It’s not every airport where you can catch an open shot of a city’s skyline.

Phoenix, Arizona skyline from the  airport

Where have you caught a scenic outside view when at the airport?

Photo of the Week: Phoenix from the Air.

Captured this shot of the Phoenix skyline when descending upon Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport this summer. Was excited to see “The Valley of the Sun” up close.

Phoenix, Arizona skyline

What skylines, cities have you seen up close in the air?