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Capture the Seasons in Photos.

The Seasons. Spending a lot of my life in cooler climates, I’ve grown to appreciate what each distinct season has to offer. This is my entry in Booked.net‘s “Capture the Season” photo contest. Thank you to Erik of On My Feet or In My Mind for nominating me.

Autumn – Fall

I realize it is autumn/fall when I’m walking in a big city park and see the red, orange and yellow leaves on the trees like here at Point State Park in Pittsburgh, PA. The park is at the point where the Ohio, Allegheny and Monongahela rivers come together right in the heart of the city.

Autumn/Fall in Pittsburgh


I realize it is winter when I see snow on the ground and random sculptures of ice like here at Edgewater Park in Cleveland, Ohio. The ice is formed from the waves of Lake Erie crashing into the shoreline. You can see the downtown skyline in the background.

Winter in Cleveland, Lake Erie


I realize it is spring when I see lots of flowers and vegetable plants for sale like here at Eastern Market in Detroit. There is a yearly tradition in the Spring here of going to Flower Day, one of the biggest displays of flowers you’ll find anywhere.

Spring in Detroit - Flowers at Eastern Market


I realize it is summer when the sun is shining, it’s hot outside, everything is green and I find myself migrating to one of my favorite spots, Lake Lanier. The biggest lake in Georgia, northeast of Atlanta, is a popular summer holiday spot.

Georgia in summer, Lake Lanier

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My 7 Super Shots.

Thank you to Lola of Where in the World is Lola? for tagging me to take part in HostelBookers 7 Super Shots. When I travel, the photographs I take are my souvenirs, so I loved going through my photos for this fun exercise. Well without further ado here is a photo that:

1. Takes my breathe away.

My 7 Super Shots - California, Pacific Ocean, PCH

Anything along an ocean, especially anything along the Pacific Ocean on the PCH has me in awe. This shot is from just north of Malibu.

2. Makes me laugh or smile.

My 7 Super Shots - Atlanta skyline, Piedmont Park

Seeing city skylines makes me smile. The sun, blue skies and hot weather make me smile. Being in a park makes me smile. Being in the ATL really makes me smile, so of course I’ll be on cloud nine when I’m at Piedmont Park in Midtown Atlanta.

3. Makes me dream.

My 7 Super Shots - Kerosene Creek, Rotorua, New Zealand

Kerosene Creek, a hot spring around Rotorua, was the first time I felt like I was in a fairy tale in New Zealand. As I sat in the warm waters I dreamed about what other places and views I’d see as spectacular as this.

4. Makes me think.

My 7 Super Shots - New Zealand, Mount Cook Village, Kea Point

On the open road or in this case on the open trail to Kea Point around Mount Cook, makes me think, what’s ahead and let’s explore.

5. Makes my mouth water.

My 7 Super Shots - Maize and Blue Deli - Ann Arbor, Pure Michigan

When I go into a deli or restaurant I’m always looking for that reuben sandwich and no one does it better then Maize and Blue Delicatessen in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Triple Play Reuben wow. Corned beef, pastrami, sauerkraut, multiple cheeses and Russian dressing stacked so high, my mouth can’t stop watering. I learned about this place from Adam Richman’s visit on Man V. Food and I can’t stop going back.

6. Tells a story.

My 7 Super Shots - Detroit Mural

I’ve had the chance to walk around Detroit, off the beaten path, to checkout some of the murals around the city. Each one depicts a story from its artist. Each one brings out different emotions for everyone that sees it, probably giving off a different story for all. The Water Cycle mural intrigued the weatherman in me, because it shows off Detroit, Windsor, the Detroit River in between and the life of water, coming down as rain and going back up as vapers.

7. I am most proud of (aka my worthy of National Geographic shot).

My 7 Super Shots - Charlotte Harbor, Punta Gorda, Florida

Hanging out along Charlotte Harbor in Punta Gorda, Florida last year during Fourth of July weekend brought out many American flags with beautiful backdrops behind.

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Look forward to seeing your guys 7 Super Shots!

The First Detroit Mural Photo Walk

I’ve spent a lot of time in Detroit, but have not had many chances to dive deeper into all the great treasures of the city. On Saturday, I took part in the first Detroit Mural Photo Walk organized by David Lingholm. I was amazed at the different murals we saw from Techtown and the North End, to the Woodbridge neighborhood and Mexicantown and the stories and passion behind each one. As with all art and expression, it’s amazing to see how each piece touches people so differently.
The Water Cycle mural - Detroit

With my love for geography and the weather, one that touched me was “The Water Cycle” mural by Marianne Audrey Burrows. It showcases Detroit and Windsor with water coming off (as vapors) and down (as rain) into the Detroit River. The use of the blue colors to depict the clouds, sky and water, made me as speechless, as any great weather art piece could.
Recycle Here - Detroit

We even had the chance to see a mural in the making as an artist was in creation mode at Recycle Here!

A stop in Mexicantown made for a great end of the day, as the stories and conversation continued to flow amongst new friends, with great food and drinks at Los Galanes.

Check out all my photos from the photo walk.

Checkout David Lingholm’s thoughts on this great journey in Mural walk brings metro Detroiters together.. Also check out some of the other stories and photos from Mike Han, Amy K. Senese, Angela Watts and Drew Wright. Already looking forward to the next one.