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My Favorite New Zealand Beach Shots

Beauty sits everywhere you turn in New Zealand, which includes of course whenever you are on a beach. From the Tasman Sea and remote West Coast to the beaches lying just outside the hearts of Christchurch and Auckland, I’ve had the chance to enjoy many grains of sand and beaches along the waters of the “The Land of the Long White Cloud”.

Some of my favorite New Zealand beach shots and experiences are below. Part of the adventure and fun was just in getting to some of the more remote spots. I can never seem to put the camera down and there is almost always no one else around. No matter the weather they are all just as beautiful.

I’ve shared some of these before, with some new and alternate photos mixed in. Who is ready to visit New Zealand and hit up the beach?! Well without further ado:

Okanto Beach along the West Coast - Favorite New Zealand Beach shots

It doesn’t get much more remote than the village of Okanto and this Tasman Sea beach front along the West Coast.

Piha Beach - Favorite New Zealand Beach shots

Looking down at the breathtaking Piha Beach, my favorite Auckland day trip destination.

Sumner Beach in Christchurch - Favorite New Zealand Beach shots

Sumner Beach in Christchurch, a popular spot for locals along the east coast. Volcanic rock dots the landscape.

The Pines Beach, Christchurch - Favorite New Zealand Beach shots

You’ll find wide open beach along Pegasus Bay at The Pines Beach. Christchurch lies off in the distance.

Shakespear Regional Park, Auckland - Favorite New Zealand Beach shots

Out on the open Shakespear Regional Park beach just outside Auckland.

Shakespear Regional Park, Auckland - Favorite New Zealand Beach shots

Get away from the hustle and bustle at Shakespear Regional Park and the Whangaparaoa Peninsula on the North Island.

Bethellls Beach - Favorite New Zealand Beach shots

Admiring the surf and blue waters of Bethells Beach on the North Island.

Bethellls Beach - Favorite New Zealand Beach shots

Walking the volcanic sand of Bethells Beach near Auckland. Watch out for that quick sand!

Beachfront in Wanaka - Favorite New Zealand Beach shots

Walking the early morning Wanaka beachfront along Lake Wanaka.

Opoutere Beach - Favorite New Zealand Beach shots

No one else around on the east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula at Opoutere Beach

Queenstown beach, Lake Wakatipu - Favorite New Zealand Beach shots

Starring out at the turquoise waters of Lake Wakatipu, along the beach in Downtown Queenstown.

Opoutere Beach - Favorite New Zealand Beach shots

Looking out into the Pacific Ocean and Hikunui Island from Opoutere Beach.

Where have some of your favorite photos come from in your time on New Zealand beaches?

Piha Beach in New Zealand.

Looking for a day trip destination with spectacular views when in Auckland? Look no further then Piha. Piha, the settlement and beach, are along the wild, rugged west coast of the North Island just west of the CBD. It’s a popular tourist and local destination for those in the city, especially in the summer months. It’s a scenic, winding and narrow ride over.

You’ll see Piha’s beauty as you reach the settlement and beach from up in the hills.

Piha, Piha Beach, Lion Rock - North Island, New Zealand

One of the first things you’ll notice Β is the natural formation known as Lion Rock. It separates North and South Piha Beach. The rock resembles a large male lion and you can climb it to get great views. Lion Rock is the remains of a volcano which erupted sixteen million years ago.

Piha, Piha Beach, Lion Rock - North Island, New Zealand

The beach and settlement sit along the Tasman Sea remotely within the Waitakere range. Its sand is black consisting of iron of volcanic origin. Its the most popular and famous place to surf in New Zealand due to the large waves, having hosted domestic and international competitions over the years. Swimming is not advised due to those hard waves.

Piha, Piha Beach - North Island, New Zealand

Piha, Piha Beach - North Island, New Zealand

Piha, Piha Beach - North Island, New Zealand

Piha Beach and Lion Rock is a scenic destination along the Tasman Sea. It’s definitely worth a day trip when in Auckland. What beaches have you been in awe with over the view? What beaches would you recommend seeing in New Zealand?

Auckland and The North Island, New Zealand

My last post contained some of my favorite experiences of the South Island of New Zealand. I’ve also had great times on the North Island, which is where the majority of the New Zealand population lives. It enjoys the same contrasts in geography as the South Island with a tropical feel at the top, mountain ranges, rolling farmland, a volcanic plateau in the middle and beaches everywhere. The capital, Wellington, resides on the North Island, as does New Zealand’s largest city Auckland.

I know the three days has past for #Blog4NZ, but I have so much more to share in supporting New Zealand travel in the wake of the Canterbury earthquake. πŸ™‚ Some highlights of my time in Auckland and the North Island:

Sky Tower - Auckland

Sky Tower. In Auckland, it’s the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere and what most people would recognize from the skyline. There is a revolving restaurant up top, amazing views as far as the eye can see and of course there is the famous SkyJump, where you can base jump. You call also do a SkyWalk around the top.

Mt. Eden - Auckland

Mt. Eden. There are 50 extinct volcanoes and craters throughout greater Auckland. This is one of the more well-known ones. You can get great panoramic views of the entire area with walking areas aplenty.

Piha Beach

Piha Beach. Black iron sand and along the Tasman Sea, just west of Auckland it’s a popular day trip from the city. If you love to surf, try here. Also checkout just to the north Bethells Beach and the dark volcanic sand and sand dudes. Even saw some signs denoting quick sand so be careful.

Owharoa Falls

Owharoa Falls. Just like the south there are waterfalls everywhere. This one is within the Karangahake Gorge, near Waihi.

Kerosine Creek - Rotorua

Rotorua. A famous tourist destination and the heartland of New Zealand’s Maori culture. Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand. The region around Rotorua contains numerous geysers, mud pools and thermal springs. Kerosine Creek, pictured above, is 30 km south of Rotorua. It’s a hot spring with a little waterfall free to all comers. A great place to relax, unwind and not think about anything.

Penguins at Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World - Auckland

At Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World (aquarium) in Auckland you can see all kinds of fish, sharks, swim with giant stingrays and of course checkout the big king penguins. Lot’s of Antarctic history and artifacts too.

No matter where you’re at always have your camera out and ready. Check out some of my other photos of my time in Auckland and The North Island. The scenery and things to do New Zealand is never-ending. What will I check out next time, hmmm.