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#ElCafeDe2013: The Coffee of Ann Arbor.

I’ve had lots of coffee in the big city. I’ve had java experiences in small-towns, suburbia and the sticks. More recently though I’ve taken a liking to having coffee in a college town. Ann Arbor in southeastern lower Michigan is home to the prestigious University of Michigan and a thriving independent coffee shop scene.

Your bound to find lots of locals, MacBooks, students and coffee lovers at each. Well without further ado:

Mighty Good Coffee
Right in the heart of town on Main Street, I’ve been known to hang out in the main room there and crank out some work while enjoying a Brown Sugar Sea Salt Latte or two. It’s a bright, open and spacious atmosphere. At the same time towards the back and at right at the entrance there are tables more conducive for conversation and hanging out. The coffee by the way is indeed “Mighty Good!”. Tip: All the lattes, even a basic one are worth a look.

Mighty Good Coffee, Brown Sugar Sea Salt Latte, Ann Arbor

Comet Coffee
This hidden gem, tucked away in the scenic Nickels Arcade caught the eye when I saw they serve Ritual Coffee. I went with a basic latte made with the San Francisco-based coffee beans. It’s in a small space and the latte or coffee drink you’ll get will be smaller than your used too, but worth every penny. The baristas are friendly and extremely knowledgable. They were excited when I told them the coffee hit the spot. Tip: Stay for a few minutes and sit on their outside seating within the arcade and people watch!

Comet Coffee, Latte, Ann Arbor

Comet Coffee, Latte, Ann Arbor

Right on Liberty Street, near the well-known Michigan Theater, is this non-assuming coffee spot. On the way there I actually walked right by it. Once inside I immediately noticed the deserts, rotating yogurt bar and the care they take in handcrafting each individual coffee. From their small coffee menu, I went with a Blue Bottle Roast (another San Francisco-based coffee, score) Bell Donovan Blend pour over.

lab cafe, pour over, Ann Arbor Michigan coffee

I sat on a bar stool alongside, soaking in the urban atmosphere. They set up the space with the point of promoting interaction amongst their customers. I wound up staying a lot longer, striking up a length conversation with another visitor. Tip: Visit more than once to experience some of the best coffee around from Anthology, Handsome Coffee, Intelligentsia, Madcap and more as their menu changes frequently.

lab coffee, Ann Arbor coffee shop pour over

Well it’s time to get back out on the open road to more coffee delicious in Ann Arbor! ๐Ÿ™‚

Are there any college towns you would recommend coffee shop hopping in?

Checkout the coffee and breakfast experience I had at Zingerman’s Roadhouse in Ann Arbor.

#ElCafeDe2013: The Coffee of Sightglass in San Fran.

This past summer I spent a morning in San Francisco coffee shop hopping. The coffee train took me to 7th Street in the SoMa neighborhood and Sightglass Coffee. Who’s that guy with the camera in the windows reflection? ๐Ÿ™‚

Sightglass Coffee, San Francisco coffee shop

Upon entering I immediately noticed the wide open spaces. Sightglass is independent, non-chain and family owned. I was at what is soon to be known as their original location. They will soon open a cafe and roastery along 20th Street in the Mission. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sightglass Coffee, San Francisco coffee shop

The coffee of choice was the Kiawamururu, Kenya Pour Over. I chatted and shared some laughs with the barista while my coffee was hand crafted and came to life.

I passed by the cream & sugar stand long enough to grab a pic…

Sightglass Coffee, San Francisco coffee shop

…and found a spot first by the coffee roaster. The seating was unique and non-uniform throughout.

Sightglass Coffee, San Francisco coffee shop

I enjoy drinking the coffee straight. It had a candy-like sweetness and syrupy feel. Checkout all the bags of coffee beans in the background ready to be roasted. The coffee beans process is watched and followed closely all the way down to the farm level to make sure me and all the other coffee fanatics are getting a unique and beautiful cup of coffee.

Sightglass Coffee, San Francisco coffee shop

Sightglass Coffee, San Francisco coffee shop

I proceeded to enjoy the coffee deliciousness from the upstairs balcony as well.

Sightglass Coffee, San Francisco coffee shop

There I am again shooting a picture of myself, though this time with the Sightglass Coffee pour over in hand! The shot is from in front of the unique bathroom sink and mirror which sits outside the unisex bathrooms on each side.

It was a great first experience at Sightglass Coffee with great coffee, service, conversation and atmosphere. I look forward to returning to the SoMa neighborhood again soon and also getting to the Mission.

Checkout the time I spent at my other coffee stops in San Francisco that morning: Four Barrel Coffee, Blue Bottle Coffee and Ritual Coffee Roasters.

What coffee shops in San Francisco would you recommend checking out?

#ElCafeDe2013: The Coffee of Intelligentsia.

On my trip to Chicago this summer, my #ElCafeDe2013 and coffee wanderings took me to two Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea locations within the Windy City.

The first was the Millennium Park coffeebar off East Randolph St.

Intelligentsia Millennium Park, Chicago, Toarco, Jaya, Sulawesi Pour Over

This location is always beaming with activity. I was there at the crack of dawn so lots of people were grabbing drip coffee and pour over’s on their way to work.

Intelligentsia Millennium Park, Chicago, Toarco, Jaya, Sulawesi Pour Over

I hung out amongst the post-industrial decor, enjoying a Toarco Jaya Sulawesi Pour Over after the usual routine of capturing my coffee from every angle imaginable. ๐Ÿ™‚

Intelligentsia Millennium Park, Chicago, Toarco, Jaya, Sulawesi Pour Over

Intelligentsia Millennium Park, Chicago, Toarco, Jaya, Sulawesi Pour Over

Intelligentsia Millennium Park, Chicago, Toarco, Jaya, Sulawesi Pour Over

Intelligentsia is a coffee roasting company headquartered in Chicago, with coffee shops also in New York and Los Angeles. It has a cult following and you’ll find it being served and experienced by people everywhere. ๐Ÿ™‚

On another early morning while in Chi-town I hit up the Monadnock coffeebar off West Jackson Boulevard within the South Loop.

Intelligentsia Monadnock, Chicago

This location has the look of an Italian espresso bar and is within the Monadnock building built-in 1891.

Intelligentsia Monadnock, Chicago

This location was not quite as busy so I had the chance to converse with the nice and very knowledgeable baristas as I watched my pour over being made.

Intelligentsia Monadnock, Chicago, pour over

Intelligentsia Monadnock, Chicago, La Tortuga, Honduras Pour Over

Watching my coffee come to life, it made me appreciate the La Tortuga Honduras Pour Over even more.

Intelligentsia Monadnock, Chicago, La Tortuga, Honduras Pour Over

Intelligentsia Monadnock, Chicago, La Tortuga, Honduras Pour Over

It was fun checking out multiple Intelligentsia locations while in the city. I hope to get to more the next time I am in town.

Checkout two of the other coffee shops I visited during my most recent Chicago coffee wanderings.

What other coffee shops would you recommend checking out in Chicago?

#ElCafeDe2013 Coffee tip of the week: Enjoy the coffee Itself!!!

I ordered a Brazil Mogiana pour over yesterday at Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company in Michigan. Usually after securing coffee deliciousness somewhere unique I take a picture and post it online. This time was no exception.

Right after getting my coffee I will look to engage in conversation, have a pastry alongside for the ride, I might be working or I am enjoying the company of who came here with me. A lot of those are musts for enjoying the coffee experience, but at the same time make sure to also…

Tip #24: …enjoy the coffee itself!

That will make your time wherever you at even better! ๐Ÿ™‚

#ElCafeDe2013 Coffee tip of the week: Have another! And another?

When you take a liking to a coffee shop, especially when traveling, you need to…

Tip #16: …have another! And another?

And maybe yet another for good measure haha. Being around home, you know you will be back often to a place you take a liking to. If you are from out-of-town however and you fall in love with the atmosphere and their coffee selection, you own it to yourself to checkout what else they have. When will you have a chance to get back?!

This was the case at Press Coffee Bar in Dayton, Ohio.

PRESS coffee, Dayton, Ohio

Before watching them make the Colombia Nodier Andrade Iced Pour Over…

PRESS coffee, Dayton, Ohio, iced pour over

…I went for a Bolivian Nueva Lllusta Pour Over. I had another. And another? Nah I stuck to two because I had more coffee stops to visit that day. Even though I was smitten I needed to pace myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

PRESS coffee, Dayton, Ohio, pour over

Remember if your going to consume a lot of coffee make sure to have that trusty water alongside. If it’s beans your rotating out with multiple cups, it will make it easier to find a bag to take home.