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Zigzagging a State Line.

Michigan and Ohio are border states. Loving state welcome-to signs, I got the crazy idea of driving west to east along the border one evening and turning on one north/south road after another to capture the signs and scenery.

I reached the border from the north on a major two-lane road, U.S. Highway 127 in the beautiful countryside.

Michigan, Ohio state line

Michigan, Ohio state line

Slightly to the east, I wandered onto numerous secondary roads. On all of them I checked out, there weren’t welcome-to signs, just a sign signifying what county was being entered.

Michigan, Ohio state line

Michigan, Ohio state line

I also noticed the difference in pavement as you crossed into a different state. Sometimes you’ll notice it when you cross into a different county within the same state. I’m barely in Michigan in this shot.

Michigan, Ohio state line

In this border crossing case, it went from a dirt road in Michigan, to pavement in Ohio. Who’s that guy taking the photos haha?! 🙂

Michigan, Ohio state line

Michigan, Ohio state line

The west to east road in the area, was named State Line Road. What are the odds?

Michigan, Ohio state line

The welcome-to signage will not always be the same between major roads, as is the case with this green sign when entering Ohio.

Michigan, Ohio state line

Going further east, on what becomes M-52 north, your still in the beautiful countryside and the welcome-to signage is decorated with blooming flowers. Love capturing the blue sky, a barn, a silo or other objects in signage shots.

Michigan, Ohio state line

The Michigan/Ohio land border ends at Lake Erie to the east in the urban Toledo area. A lot more people will see these Michigan and Ohio welcome-to signs around Toledo then the others because they’re on the interstate. In this case U.S. 23.

Michigan, Ohio state line

Michigan, Ohio state line

For good measure, I captured some shots of welcome-to signs in a more urban setting. I liked the countryside backdrops better.

Michigan, Ohio state line

It was a great evening zigzagging the Michigan/Ohio state line capturing all the welcome-to signs and backdrops behind. I look forward to doing it again, with different states as the participants. What experiences in your travels do you have in regards to welcome-to signs? Any ideas of interaction I should have with them like jumping?

My 7 Super Shots.

Thank you to Lola of Where in the World is Lola? for tagging me to take part in HostelBookers 7 Super Shots. When I travel, the photographs I take are my souvenirs, so I loved going through my photos for this fun exercise. Well without further ado here is a photo that:

1. Takes my breathe away.

My 7 Super Shots - California, Pacific Ocean, PCH

Anything along an ocean, especially anything along the Pacific Ocean on the PCH has me in awe. This shot is from just north of Malibu.

2. Makes me laugh or smile.

My 7 Super Shots - Atlanta skyline, Piedmont Park

Seeing city skylines makes me smile. The sun, blue skies and hot weather make me smile. Being in a park makes me smile. Being in the ATL really makes me smile, so of course I’ll be on cloud nine when I’m at Piedmont Park in Midtown Atlanta.

3. Makes me dream.

My 7 Super Shots - Kerosene Creek, Rotorua, New Zealand

Kerosene Creek, a hot spring around Rotorua, was the first time I felt like I was in a fairy tale in New Zealand. As I sat in the warm waters I dreamed about what other places and views I’d see as spectacular as this.

4. Makes me think.

My 7 Super Shots - New Zealand, Mount Cook Village, Kea Point

On the open road or in this case on the open trail to Kea Point around Mount Cook, makes me think, what’s ahead and let’s explore.

5. Makes my mouth water.

My 7 Super Shots - Maize and Blue Deli - Ann Arbor, Pure Michigan

When I go into a deli or restaurant I’m always looking for that reuben sandwich and no one does it better then Maize and Blue Delicatessen in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Triple Play Reuben wow. Corned beef, pastrami, sauerkraut, multiple cheeses and Russian dressing stacked so high, my mouth can’t stop watering. I learned about this place from Adam Richman’s visit on Man V. Food and I can’t stop going back.

6. Tells a story.

My 7 Super Shots - Detroit Mural

I’ve had the chance to walk around Detroit, off the beaten path, to checkout some of the murals around the city. Each one depicts a story from its artist. Each one brings out different emotions for everyone that sees it, probably giving off a different story for all. The Water Cycle mural intrigued the weatherman in me, because it shows off Detroit, Windsor, the Detroit River in between and the life of water, coming down as rain and going back up as vapers.

7. I am most proud of (aka my worthy of National Geographic shot).

My 7 Super Shots - Charlotte Harbor, Punta Gorda, Florida

Hanging out along Charlotte Harbor in Punta Gorda, Florida last year during Fourth of July weekend brought out many American flags with beautiful backdrops behind.

It’s time to tag!

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Look forward to seeing your guys 7 Super Shots!

Michigan: St. Joseph Lighthouse and Tisconia Park.

St. Joseph is in the extreme southwest corner of Michigan along Lake Michigan. It’s a lot closer to Chicago than Detroit. It’s right in the heart of the Lake Michigan lake effect snow machine and has history dating back to the early 1800’s.

Along the lake shoreline in St. Joseph is Tisconia Park and the St. Joseph North Pier Lights Lighthouse. When you get in the area you’ll see signs directing you to Tisconia Park and the pier.

St. Joseph, Michigan - Tisconia Park, North Pier

There is parking, for a small fee, at the entrance to the park.

St. Joseph, Michigan - Tisconia Park entrance

After a short walk, you’ll see the sand and then the beautiful Lake Michigan. The Great Lakes are so vast, you sometimes get the feeling you’re at the ocean since you can’t see anything on the other side.

St. Joseph, Michigan - Tisconia Park - Beach and Lake Michigan

As you walk towards the shoreline on the sand and surrounding dunes, you’ll see the pier and lighthouse to the left.

St. Joseph, Michigan - Tisconia Park - beach, Lake Michigan, North Pier, lighthouses

Who’s that guy capturing memories of all the scenery haha. 🙂

St. Joseph, Michigan - white beach sand and dunes of Tisconia Park, Lake Michigan

Beach, shoreline and open space at this white sand beach park go as far as the eye can see. During the summer months you’ll see a lot of boats hanging out near the shoreline. The beach gets less traffic then some of the neighboring ones which adds to the appeal.

St. Joseph, Michigan - Tisconia Beach Park, Lake Michigan

Running alongside the south edge of the park is the North Pier, catwalk and two lighthouses. The pier is located at the mouth of the St. Joseph River and is a popular destination for fishing.

St. Joseph, Michigan, North Pier and catwalk

Walking down the pier and catwalk, you’ll come across the first of the two St. Joseph lighthouses, the Inner Lights. This light stands 26-ft high and was built-in 1907.

St. Joseph, Michigan - North Pier, Inner Lights, lighthouse

Continuing on, at the end of the pier is the St. Joseph Pierhead (outer pierhead light). This light was built-in 1906, when the North Pier was extended out 1000 feet. It stands 35-feet high. The raised catwalk, which runs the length of the pier, was built to help light keepers reach the lighthouses in bad weather.

St. Joseph and Grand Haven are the only two places left with two-pier range light systems and that have their towers and catwalks both intact.

St. Joseph, Michigan - North Pier, Outer Pierhead Light, lighthouse

Leaving the pier you can capture some great shots of the pier and lighthouses from the sand. With Lake Michigan extending out to the west, the opportunity is there for great sunset photos too.

St. Joseph, Michigan North Pier, lighthouses, Tisconia Beach Park

Add the St. Joseph North Pier and Tisconia Park to your list of beaches, shoreline and lighthouses to checkout. Opposite the St. Joseph River is the South Pier and Silver Beach County Park to explore. What is your favorite park, beach and or lighthouse along Lake Michigan? Along any of the Great Lakes?

Happy Holidays from Detroit.

Holiday music, shopping, parties, eats, eggnog, snow, lights and trees about. It’s that time of year. I had a chance to checkout the holiday scene in Detroit this week when attending a holiday party at Fountain Bistro, a recommended restaurant stop within Campus Martius park.

Campus Martius Park, right in the heart of downtown Detroit, happens to be where the 60 foot city holiday tree sits, sitting atop the Woodward Fountain.


Alongside is an ice skating rink with holiday music playing. There are holiday lights up everywhere around the park and surrounding area.


People were ice skating, staring at the tree and presents underneath and soaking in the holiday atmosphere and walking around taking pictures. The only thing missing  was snow or at least flurries. It was actually raining a bit.

Campus Martius, holidays in Downtown Detroit

It was a great party and great evening spent in the big city in a festive atmosphere. As far as other cities go, at the top of my bucket list holidays edition would be the Rockefeller Center Ice Skating Rink and New York City in general. What cities would you suggest checking out for lights, trees, ice skating rinks and holiday fun?

I’d like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. Cheers!

Aaron (@elatlboy)