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Photo of the Week: Finding Those Small Town Railroad Tracks, Michigan Style.

I’m always on the lookout for the railroad when in a small-town. While in the village of Milford in Michigan look what I came cross. Another opportunity to be out on the open railroad tracks with nothing but travel possibilities straight ahead!

Milford, Michigan, railroad tracks

Photo of the Week: Out on the Open Railroad Track in Georgia.

This is an early morning photo from out on the open railroad track in historic Old Town Suwanee, Georgia.

Railroad track - historic Old Town, Suwanee, Georgia

You find a historic old downtown in these parts, well pretty much anywhere, and you’ll bound to find some railroad tracks running along side. The movie “Stand By Me” came to mind as I walked along the tracks for a short time before checking out the town. Just down the road, same thing in historic downtown Buford, Georgia.

Railroad track - historic Buford, Georgia

When and where have you gone for a walk along railroad tracks?